Michael Nierenberg Views on Real Estate Business and the Future of Alternative Investment

Michael Nierenberg contributions to the world of business are unmatched. According to financial pundits, he is one of the professionals that restored sanity and trust in the alternative investment. Restoration of sanity in this market has been one of the key contributors of growth in this niche, and Michael Nierenberg points that investors are now willing to invest in the market without worrying about the future of their investment. The following are some of the specific areas where he is passionate about as an investment manager.

First, Michael Nierenberg is passionate about investors realizing their profits. According to him, better returns, non-volatile investments and certain payments periods are the joy of investors. Due to his understanding of client needs in the investment world, he has always been keen on designing policies that address the above concerns. In his tenure at Fortress, for example, he was a key player in designing policies that later made the company the best run entities in the alternative market.

Second, Nierenberg is a firm believer of customized researches. Unlike other investment options, real estate and alternative investments, in general, are complex to interpret without market understanding and information. For this reason, Nierenberg has commissioned different studies in this niche over the years in an attempt of giving Michael ‘s management team a clear and a solid understanding of the market. He points out that this is the backbone of all his successes in this market.

Thirdly, Michael Nierenberg is gifted in bringing talents together. According to him, having a strong team, in the world of real estate, helps in strategizing and more importantly brainstorming ideas. In return, he confesses that he has been able to make major strides in the investment world with a team as opposed to working alone.

Finally, Michael Nierenberg believes that having an accommodative attitude towards technology is vital for growth. In the last 14 years, for example, the real estate has been home to technology, and most of the operations and deals are highly digitalized. Nierenberg believes that in the next five years, there will be more changes and these changes will favour professionals that will embrace them.

About Michael Nierenberg: www.newresi.com/contact

Dick DeVos Has Always Been There For His Home State Of Michigan

Dick DeVos has been one of the primary businessman at Amway, but now he changes his focus. In his recent years, he’s turned to entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and aviation. In his most recent work, he’s joined the Management Advisory Council for the Federal Aviation Administration. In his new role, he joins 12 other members who will help the FAA with new policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth.


Since most of the council comes from transportation authority and airline executive backgrounds, it may be strange to see DeVos in the mist. While he is from a business background, his work with airport businesses and airlines has only recently come to the surface. He has been working with the airport in his hometown for the past thirty years, however.


Gerald R. Ford International Airport has been named America’s number one business airport. With its most recent $45 million renovation, the airport has now been expanded with a large business traveler section, as well as a food court section and multiple technological upgrades. The airport is now undergoing phase two of the Gateway Transformation project that will increase technology and speed up the process from roadside drop-off to in-flight entertainment.


Much of this is thanks to something that DeVos did almost three decades ago, when he first started working with business leaders in Grand Rapids. He wanted to help his city become a bustling metropolis. So he worked with business owners in downtown to produce high-quality entertainment and cultural centers, as well as business development. With the help of the DeVos Family Foundation, Grand Rapids received a much-needed face-lift that would include a new sports arena, performance hall, and convention center.


With the convention center in play, DeVos wanted to take his plan to the next level, which meant talking to the CEO of the airport. He wanted to see if by adding new flights in other business conference destination cities, he could bring those business travelers to Grand Rapids. He made one phone call to the AirTran Airways CEO in early 2000s, and he got four new flights added. This included St. Louis, Vegas, Orlando, and Denver.


These changes would create new opportunities and a large influx of ticket sales that has continued to increase every year. In fact, the airport just surpassed 3.26 million passengers in 2018. This number wasn’t even projected to be reached until 2020. However, none of this would have been possible if it hadn’t been for DeVos. His skills in business are renown, and it’s one of the reasons that the FAA received so much praise for adding the business leader to the roster of its Management Advisory Council.


DeVos will be meeting with the FAA multiple times next year, as he also works to help the airport continue its growth.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

How Felipe Montoro Jens Works On Infrastructure and Lighting Developments in Brazil

As a Brazilian, Felipe Montoro is the Chief Executive Officer of EnergiparCaptacao S.A company. Besides, he works in various organizations as a CEO and chairman. During his service, he gained financial expertise that exposed him to financial strategies for corporations and individuals.

While at Santo Antonio Energia Company, he attained great knowledge as its director. He specializes in infrastructure and dealing with economic waste. Read more about Montoro Jens at mundodomarketing.com

Felipe’s projects

Felipe Montoro engages with a Public-Private Partnership that tackles public lighting in his country. It is one of the projects conducted in 138 municipalities in Brazil. The Belo Horizonte is an improved version of modern lighting handled by the entrepreneur.

By 2020, he projects 182000 lighting points used in LED technology. Besides, he undertook Sao Paulo’s public-private partnership that deals with housing capital. Even though it will take six years to complete the project, it will be basic construction of 34,000 residential units.

The project will employ 100,000 individuals in 2023. As the CEO of Energispar, Felipe Montoro is a renowned financial specialist. He got his entrepreneurship skills from Santo Antonio Energia.

He is specialized to help state governments and cooperations maximize profits and reduce wastage of facilities. After attending Getulio Vargas Foundation School, he graduated with a degree in business.

The institution is famous in delivering quality education in the business sector. Due to Felipe’s desire for business, he furthered his education at a global management school in Arizona. Afterthat, he held various significant positions at famous companies like Enel and Pricehousewatercoopers.

With 25 years in international business, he helped to improve infrastructure projects. For instance, he provides cost-effective solutions to enhance the profitability of the institutions in competing with the business world.


Among the global companies, Felipe worked for include Braskam, Foz, and Atvosthat are widely involved in developing infrastructure in the world. The investor thinks that the Brazilian government should introduce investment technology in handling its economic waste.

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The Secret of Sunday Riley

More and more people are joining the cult of Sunday Riley. This is a cult of the best kind because it involves skin care. And not just any skin care, but the ingredients include superfoods and other bontanicals to offset the harshness of some of the other ingredients.

This unique line of skincare only has thirteen products. But every one of those products has been thoroughly researched and is cruelty free. The test subjects for the products are the family and friends of Sunday Riley. She also listens to the feedback on her products. If a product is not doing well she is not afraid to pull it and either revamp it or remove it from the line.

Sunday Riley products cover all the basic skin care needs. There are facial cleansers that not only dissolve off makeup but they can help brighten your skin or soothe and calm it. There is Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner which changes from a gel to a liquid when put on and uses bentonite clay to reduce shine all day.

The Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil brightens skin and helps make the skin look amazing.

Auto-Correct is a cream specifically targeted for the under-eye area to reduce dark circle and puffiness. They say keeping it in the refrigerator helps boost the depuffing action while feeling cool and soothing. There is a vitamin C serum, products targeted specifically for acne sufferers and even a dry oil to help with acne. There is a daytime moisturizer and your pick of night time oils and cream. The line even has a retinoid product and one with lactic acid.

Sunday Riley is a small company based in Houston, Texas created by Sunday Riley herself. Her attention to detail and use of botanicals elevates her product line. These thirteen products have a cult following because they are that good.

Find out more about Sunday Riley: https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/sunday-riley

Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare is located in the United Kingdom and has expanded its operations to twenty homes which focus on assisting the elderly in society. This senior living home is an award-winning company whose services remain distinct from competitors.

Sussex healthcare places focus on quality delivery to old people and are not biased since it serves even those suffering from mental illnesses. The company recently celebrated its 25yrs of existence and success of its facilities.

The article highlights the success of the senior living home that has over the years adapted to an expansion and diversification strategy. Since its inception in 1985, the company has specialized its services to address various health issues among the elderly such as dementia.

Its services are not only limited to senior citizens since it serves anyone suffering from neurological issues. Sussex Healthcare attributes its success to the trained caregivers whose input ensures that clients feel well taken care of at the homes.

Leadership further contributes to the achievements over the year. Shiraz Boghani, Shafik Sachedina, and Amanda Morgan Taylor lie at the realm of Sussex Healthcare leadership. Their backgrounds in entrepreneurship, hospitality, healthcare, and philanthropy work cohesively towards the attainment of the company objectives and ultimate growth.

Decisions which affect Sussex Healthcare are made by an existing board led by top professionals such as Corrine Wallace, Nick Bosanquet, and Peter Catchpole. This allows for different perspectives on the growth of the senior living home and ensures that the company objectives are met. Furthermore, Sussex Healthcare provides various incentives to its staff members by contributing to personal growth and career development.

In its celebration, the company highlights the various services it offers to the community. This includes physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing and social aspects which differentiate the Senior Living Home. The facilities at Sussex healthcare incorporate modern technology for maximum comfort to clients. Nutrition and diet are considered to be important for holistic wellbeing hence it offers the same.

Its famous residential homes which include Horncastle House, Kingsmead Care Centre, Clemsfold Treehouse and Educare among others offer senior citizens treatment services in a homely environment. Some of the specialized services include Palliative and PMLD care, Dental Practices, and audiology services. In its celebration, Sussex Healthcare promises to continue in the delivery of quality services.

The Big Heart of James Dondero

Born with a heart of giving, James Dondero has done exemplary when it comes to improving the Dallas area. The entrepreneur James Dondero has had a hand in many of the projects aimed at improving the Dallas area. His philanthropic exploits have made him a revered and celebrated name in the Dallas community. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Apart from his philanthropic work, James Dondero is the acting head and part owner of the Highland Capital Management. The firm is ubiquitous for these charitable efforts as a way of giving back to society. James Dondero has utilized his position to make strategic improvements around the Dallas area.

Some of the witnesses to the amazing charitable works of James Dondero include; The Family Place, SMU’S Tower Scholars Program, The Dallas Zoo, the Education is Freedom, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science among a host of many.

Highland Capital Management has built a reputation over the years of investing and supports the firms that are growing Dallas in different ways. As part of his extensive network, he partnered with Linda Owen who is the head at the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. The partnership was geared towards ensuring that the Highland Capital Management’s efforts of charitable donations met the set goals.

The move saw the firm enter into connections with other nonprofit organizations around Dallas. They both worked together along with the stakeholders in the Dallas community to enrich the impact of the firm’s annual grants.

Learn: https://www.jimdondero.com/

The Highland Capital Management as in charge of the $1 million challenge that was offered to the Family Place. This saw the development of a shelter for the domestic violence victims and the Mother’s day event held at the Dallas Zoo.

James Dondero has set himself apart from the rest of the competition due to his big heart of giving to the community. His contribution to both the charity and financial world has created powerful outcomes as evidenced in the Dallas community.

Apart from the charitable contributions made in the Dallas community, Mr. Dondero has donated to other charities across the globe. Highland Capital Management has played a focusing role in addressing issues regarding education and aid to the veterans in the society. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Nitin Khanna Invests In Tech And Cannabis

Nitin Khanna is an inspiration as a first-generation immigrant to the United States who has made it big as an entrepreneur and businessman. Nitin Khanna was born and raised in Ambala before immigrating to the United States after a highly-disciplined life. He is a graduate of Purdue University with both a Bachelors and a Masters degrees in Industrial Engineering. In India, he attended The Lawrence School and was the son of a Colonel in the Indian military.

Taking the right risks at the right time is the key to the success of Nitin Khanna  the businessman who founded MergerTech, an investment bank, in 2009.

MergerTech focuses on providing solutions for tech companies in their early stages of progress in order to help them reach their potential. One of the deals that Nitin Khanna recently took part it included a $5 million investment into the smart office solutions company iSos. Founded in 2016 in India, the company provides software-based solutions and now has an office in California as well.

Before founding MergerTech, Nitin Khanna had sold his government solutions software company Saber Corp to EDS in 2007 and stayed on with the company for a year as the leader of their government business operation. By the time that Nitin Khanna left Saber, the company employed around 1,500 people. In addition, their annual revenue was calculated at around $300 million dollars. Click here to see  more.

One of the areas that Nitin Khanna has been getting involved with in recent years is the medical and recreational marijuana industry. It’s estimated that the marijuana industry is worth an estimated $100 billion a year and up until now has largely been all black market transactions. While a lot of investors and entrepreneurs have been hesitant to get into the industry because of the laws on a federal level, some of the pioneers have already made fortunes by jumping in early. In 2015, Nitin Khanna first jumped into the marijuana industry by founded Cura Cannabis Solutions. This company is based out of Oregon and provides cannabis oil to both businesses involved in the creation of edibles as well as personal consumers in the state.

Connect with  Nitin here https://www.facebook.com/nitinkhanna.

Steve Ritchie Journey in Making Papa Johns a Global Giant in Food Industry

Last year, Papa John’s made some of the most significant strides towards customer’s satisfaction. The CEO has been passionate about making the services more customer friendly, and it is impressive to note that his efforts have started to pay off. In order to make these changes a reality, Steve Ritchie embarked in a policy change journey that will see the company becoming one of the most efficient companies in the food industry. Some of these changes include the following.

First, Steve Ritchie initiated a structural change in the management. A change in management was not only timely but also important. Just like the mainstream industries, the food industry requires visionary leadership that is able to push change and better operation of the company. Some of the areas that Steve Ritchie was keen on changing the leadership included the marketing, branding, and general operations. In addition to bringing new talents, Steve was also keen on redesigning the company’s structure to match with the global standards.

Another aspect that Steve Ritchie changed is the company’s approach to work and productivity. Although the company was one of the most productive companies in the food industry, there was a need for a better approach to productivity. Companies in the modern era are classified in terms of how effective and efficient they are in terms of productivity. He hopes that the change in the company’s productivity approach will make Papa John’s a global company in 2019.

In addition to changing the company’s management and approach to productivity, he is the first CEO to ratify aspirations on equity and diversity. The company has been home to diversity, and this ratification of this aspiration exhibited the company’s commitment to ensuring that a more accommodative working space is a reality. The ratification fruits are evident, and in the last two months, the company has experienced one of their best times as far as being accommodative is concerned.

In conclusion, the company’s restructuring journey also helped the company in making some relations adjustments between the company and other corporates. Over the years, Papa John’s has experienced the best working relations with other companies, and these adjustments strengthened the company’s relations with other companies.

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd Global Presence

Investors’ most popular and most favored choice Herbalife Nutrition Ltd is appealing from its 68.7% stocks that outpour on a year-to-date basis contrasted with 0.1% decline of the industry. The successful weight reduction and general wellbeing organization, Herbalife is picking up from enhanced volumes in critical markets and durable items portfolio and globalization.

According to businesswire, the company has been under rapid growth and expansion in volumes. The volume points progressed in the year 2018 to 15%, i.e., 1,506.9 million surpassing administrative plans. This denotes the second most astounding volume points accomplished by the Herbalife Nutrition, following 2018 second-quarter and additionally most elevated year-on-year development since 2012.

Herbalife Nutrition flaunts a strong portfolio of its products, which incorporates weight reduction, pursued nourishment, vitality, sports, and wellness. The organization keeps on extending its product line to empower merchants to hold old clients and create new to manage a diverse and loyal customer base.

Recently the organization has presented a product range of 58 latest items, in around 51 countries around the globe that helped Herbalife to gain global recognition. Additionally, the new addition a “High Protein Iced Coffee,” which is relied upon to be a more beneficial option for customary espresso by Herbalife is highly innovative. Further, the organization is on track with propelling new flavors for existing brands, thinking about neighborhood tastes and inclinations.

Moreover, the geographic location of Herbalife allows ease in the product accessibility in around 94 countries around the growth. The highlighting fact is that the top ten countries on the planet in 2017 represented net sales of 71.8% of Herbalife.

Herbalife’s extraordinary expansion and globalization strategy help the company to have adverse currency moment exposure. Unexpectedly, money headwinds burdened the gross edge in the second from last quarter of 2018. The board anticipates that such headwinds should continue and mark the final quarter and also 2018 execution. Moreover, Herbalife faced the stiff rivalry from different retailers and merchants of weight reduction and nourishing items.

Considering all the facts, it is expected that the organization’s broad business spread is focused on setting brands and a stable direct-offering system. This will keep on boosting execution and empowering the organization. Read more about Herbalife on dialdish.com.



How to Get Great Hair

Great hair doesn’t happen by accident. If you want gorgeous hair that looks good on you, it takes effort and the use of the right hair care products. Dozens of brands and products exist, but they don’t all provide the same results. Spend a bit of time choosing a good brand if you want the hair that makes other women envious. It’s not as difficult to get that magazine hair that you see on so many other women if you have the right products in hand.

Wen by Chaz is a hair care brand created by Chaz Dean. His philosophy is to create natural, healthy lifestyle, so it’s no wonder his approach to hairstyling follows suit. For many women, it is the only brand they trust to give them high-quality hair care products that work. The company has been around for 19 years now, offering an assortment of hair care products that keep the hair clean and improve its health, texture, shine, and more. You’ll find shampoo, cleansers, conditioners, styling products, gels, serums, and many other products in the Wen by Chaz line. No matter your age or the current condition of your hair, Wen.com products can help you achieve beautiful hair in no time flat.

After wenhaircare.com products is used, expect great things from your hair. Whether you’re a fan of the Sweet Almond Mint products or prefer the Fig or another style, you’ll enjoy hair that is softer, shinier, and easier to manage. Your hair will be more vibrant and full of life and bounce. Each strand will exhibit health and beauty. And, at the end of the day, you’ll love your gorgeous locks of hair!