How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur, Lessons From Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

Techstyle Fashion Group that includes a variety of membership-based accessory, beauty and clothing companies was founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

By the time they were launching these products, Adam and Don knew very little about fashion. All that they had was a strong urge and drive to succeed and very keen on the customer requests.

Mr. Goldenberg joined the corporate world at a very young age of 15 years. The first company that he owned was the Gameras alliance, an advertising firm designed for various gaming sites. In 1999, he sold the company to the Intermix media company. One of the interesting facts is that Goldenberg became the Chief Executive Officer of the Intermix Company at the age of 20 years.

Don Ressler followed the same path to join Intermix. Don’s website, the was acquired by the Intermix Companies in the year 2011.

According to Pando, Aa this point, Don had accumulated enough capital for a variety of companies. The availability of funds is one of the main motivating factors that convinced Don to venture into the fashion industry.

During their venture at Intermix, Goldenberg and Ressler became friends. As their friendship blossomed, they decided to venture into more business. They started an e-commerce store known as the Intelligent Beauty.

They made use of this store to create their brand. It was during this adventure that the two decided to brainstorm on how to make a kill out of online shopping. They were aware that comfortable and trendy clothes were in constant demand. Most clients also did not have an easy to find for the various personalized fashion. Learn more about Don Ressler:

With this information, the two decided to create a company known as JustFab. The firm was to allow clients receive a personalized athletic accessory and clothing each month.

They also made demonstrations on how best to match and mix some fashion pieces. It was therefore easy for the customers to find confidence with the personal style preferences.

The funding for this venture came from a venture capitalist. The name of the investor being Matrix Partners. In the year 2016, the management of the JustFab noticed the need to rebrand. The company then changed its name to Techstyle.

Over the last few years, Techstyle has been a place like no other. It is described as the place where the Silicon Valley meets the Fashion Avenue.

Their headquarters feature a modern and a colorful workspace. What the firms focus on fashion is so outstanding and easier to recognize.

A Retired Professor and a Planetarium Donation

“I have grown old, but my love for this college is very much alive. Here is the promise for an exciting future,” said Mary McChesney, a retired professor from Orange Coast College.


It all started back in 2016 when a planetarium from the 1950s was agreed to be torn down and shortly was. “Technology has changed so much for planetariums that we really needed to build something new,” said Doug Bennett, the executive director of the Orange Coast College Foundation. With the old one gone, planning immediately went into the creation of a brand new planetarium for the college. And so when the planning was all completed all that remained was acquiring the funding and McChesney was more than happy to put forth a donation of her own. You can only imagine the looks of surprise on everyone’s face when the professor presented her donation which was a grand total of $1 million.


McChesney’s donation is a major one as it’s roughly a 1/20th of the new planetarium’s total budget of $20 million. So far the college has managed to amass $2.6 million for the planetarium including McChesney’s donation, but they also have funds from a 2012 bond measure. Currently, Orange Coast College plans to have the new planetarium up and running by the autumn 2018 semester and have it serve the students of the local community between kindergarten and 12th grade as well as be open to residents of the community as well. One massive difference between the new planetarium and the old one is that the new planetarium will be able to have seats for 129 people, whereas the old one could only seat 35.


Founded in 1947, with its first classes happening in the fall of the following year, Orange Coast Community College is located in Orange County, California while it is more directly located in the city of Costa Mesa. It focuses on providing Associates Degrees for art and science fields. It also provides certifications of achievement and transferable degrees. On a regular average, the college enrolls roughly 24,000 undergraduate students.


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