Strides Made By Bruno Fagali Towards Reinventing the Advertising Industry

Bruno Fagali is a highly sought-out-after Brazilian attorney. The lawyer has specialized in compliance, law, ethics, corruption law, electoral law, urban law, regulatory law, and administrative law. Bruno Fagali runs an advertising agency called FAGALI Advocacia and he’s on the executive board of the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics as an Ethics and Advertising Commissioner.

Photoshop Alerts

Fagali Advocacia’s official website recently shared an insightful article about new legislation targeting France’s advertising industry. As of 1st October 2017, advertisement agencies in France were implicitly required to declare whether the model images had been altered using software programs like Photoshop. The new legislation was designed to allay the widespread misconception of what real beauty entails.

Today, France has an average of 35,000 anorexics, most of them adolescents. It is argued that the rising cases, often fatal, of anorexia among the youth, are hugely motivated by the wish to have model-like shapes and figures.

Anorexia in France

The new ruling follows the 2016 move by the French authorities requiring models to undertake regular medical checks to evaluate their body mass indexes and general health. Models who skip the medical assessments, risk being fined up to 75,000 euros or, being imprisoned for up to 6 months. Advertisers who fail to comply with the October 1st directives stand to face fines of up to 30% of the total advertising cost or 37,500 euros.

Redefining Beauty

Other nations that have also introduced tougher legislation on advertising agencies include Israel and Australia. In 2010, Brazil also proposed a bill seeking advertisers to put up a notice that the image has been retouched. These developments have, in turn, pushed the advertising industry to question the notion of ‘real beauty’. The days of associating beauty with thin models are fast disappearing. In fact, Ogilvy & Maher, a Canadian advertising firm, got recognized in the 2017’s Cannes GP awards for their out-of-the-box adverts that used plus-sized models.

About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is an alumnus of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He attained his law degree in 2009. Starting 2010, the brilliant attorney, enrolled for his two-year-long Administrative Law degree at the same prestigious institution. In 2015, Bruno Fagali was studying for his master’s degree of progress in State Law at the same campus. The lawyer has also undertaken complimentary training in legal ethics compliance, parliamentary law, electoral law, and, in English.

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Boraie Development, Changing New Brunswick’s Landscape

The New Jersey real estate sector has seen a fair share of challenges like most other cities in the post-crisis era. From a huge number of mortgage with a higher default likelihood to the deficiency of high rent retailers, New Brunswick has had to rely on the changing economic environment to shore up its real estate sector. Many factors such as increasing employment rates, gains of home prices, and household formation have all favored the resurge in real estate development. Economists in New Brunswick are foreseeing a situation where rapid rising demand will outstrip the supply of housing. And with homeowners anticipating an improved market environment, a sort of hoarding may lead to a housing emergency. Check out Fundacity to see more.

In view of the housing situation and the anticipated changes in the industry, companies such as Boraie Development are seeking to leverage their competitive advantage and years of experience to change the landscape and lead the development of properties in New Jersey. Leveraging its private capital as its primary source of financing and a working relationship with an array of top performing stakeholders in the sector such as housing finance institutions, architects, and contractors, Boraie Development is able to guarantee quality and timely delivery of various products. The company focuses on developing the properties, sales and marketing, and property management as it aims at quality service that will help maintain its competitive edge in the market.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Boraie Development implements a strategic policy of focusing on establishing a long-term relationship with its stakeholders in the industry. Specializing in the development of residential, restaurant assets, retail, and hostel facilities, Boraie Development leverages its long experience in management to make deals that allow it to offer exceptional services to its clients in terms of administration, customer servicing, and marketing. With over $150 Million in commercial and residential sales, Boraie Development has earned the trust and confidence of its clients. While analyzing the property development sector, Joe Williams, writing for the Philly Purge, agreeably gave a comprehensive analysis some of which we have relied on.

Under the leadership of Sam Boraie, Boraie Development has seen the completion of several high priced projects. Some of these projects include the tallest Building in New Brunswick at twenty-five stories, a spacious parking garage, 121 residential units, more than 40,000 square feet of office space, and up to 10,000 square feet of retail space. The most recent being buildings like the Aspire and Spring Street. You can visit his website

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“Sunday Housecall” With Dr. David Samadi

Despite being the chief of Robotic surgery and the chair of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, David B. Samadi is also one of the celebrity doctors. He specializes in the treatment of urologic disease, kidney and bladder cancer, Prostate Cancer, and concentrates on minimally invasive treatments for prostate cancer comprising laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy and laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

He was born in Iran but resides in Old Westbury in New York. He was raised in a Jewish Persian community. He wanted to be a doctor, and on his return to America, he graduated with honors from Stony Brook School of Medicine. He later majored in Bio-Chemistry at ‘S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook of Medicine earning an M.D in 1994. Later he completed his post-graduate training at ‘Monteflorine Medical Centre’ in 1996. In 2001, he completed an Oncology fellowship at ‘memorial Kettering center’ majoring in proctology.

Dr. David’s life mission was to bring awareness and global attention to the disease that was the second leading cause of death in men. Dr. David has performed over 7,000 surgeries in the past decade that has seen 90% walkway cancer free. This kind of success rate has never been heard of in the history of cancer patients. He has invented and pioneered the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment (SMART).

Read more on is a platform that has been established to enable patients to understand the latest advancements in treatment. The program is aired each week on ‘Sunday Housecall’ with Dr. David. The program is new since it began operations in September 2017. Some of its features are that viewers can stream live the show. The program is also shared on the website. With this feature, it makes it possible for anyone to access the contents of healthcare information weekly.

In “Sunday House call” with Dr. David’ he covers on topics that deal with the latest trends and advancements in the Medicine industry. With a wide range of topics, Dr. David Samadi intends to meet the needs of average viewers many who have questions on changes in healthcare and how these changes affect them personally. The main objective of the program is to answer questions that are structured for feedback. Viewers with questions are encouraged to call or email the questions so that Dr. David can break down answers for them. This program ensures there is prompt feedback for all viewers. Dr. Samadi wants to reach out to all patients and not limit his presence to few. With the complications in healthcare, he is able to provide a voice of clarity and reason hence enabling patients to understand themselves.

The Willingness to Take Tips From Entrepreneurs Like Sawyer Howitt


Everyone is always able to learn something new. People who feel they know everything and close their minds to anything new are doing themselves a disservice, especially when they are closed minded to certain age groups. They will never know when they are going to come across people with the wisdom and the experience of Sawyer Howitt. One of the most amazing aspects of all of the wisdom that Sawyer has is that he has gained it while he was young. He has decided to humble himself and learn all that he can so that he can move forward with his goals. Know more:

Sawyer Howitt is always learning something new. At the same time, he is always sharing what he has learned so that other people can gain the insights that could help them move forward. After all, without all of the insights, people are going to have a ton of challenges that they can’t meet when they are trying to reach certain goals, especially the goals that are related to business. Among the most important tips that he has for people are how to change or at least influence the perception of people when it comes to their age and position.

Sawyer Howitt has come up with techniques and methods that will help people improve how others view them. These methods are really good for the younger people in that they are very practical. Of course some professionals are going to cling desperately to their old perceptions. However, there are the professionals that are very open-minded and can see the value as it is being shown to them. One of the worst things anyone can do is try to change the opinion of every single person.

Sawyer Howitt also has tips on how people can succeed as an entrepreneur. He is willing to help people when it comes to starting a business. At the same time, he also has tips for people who are looking for other ways to succeed without necessarily running a business. The key factor to being an entrepreneur is the ability to enjoy the journey and not worry too much about the reward.

Building The Right Investment Portfolio As Told By Paul Mampilly

Maybe you’ve heard all these pitches before about how you can start investing and getting rich like the regular Wall Streer Insiders and you’re inclined to be skeptical. Most of the times you’re right to be, but investing can be done on your own if you know what to read and trends to pay attention to. One man who’s helping people understand this is Paul Mampilly, a former banker and hedge fund advisor who now gives independent advice through his company Capuchin Consulting and his newsletters at Banyan Hill. Mampilly says you can make good investments by finding companies in their early stage and looking at where technology is going. He himself was an investor in Netflix before that company took off and became a huge success. Know more about Paul Mampillys at

Paul Mampilly became interested in investing after coming to the US from India and seeing how the stock traders made it big on Wall Street, although he said once if he had a chance to do it all over again, he’d have read up on investing himself and never bothered with college. Nevertheless, he completed a bachelor’s degree at Montclair State University and a master’s at Fordham University. He was initially an entry-level credit researcher at Deutsche Bank in Manhattan, but he moved on to several big banks as a top investment advisor and then to a big hedge fund known as Kinetics International.

While at Kinetics International, he found investments for clients that returned as much as 20% in one year, and he grew that firm’s portfolio from $6 billion to a whopping $25 billion. His work was so highly commended that the executives as the Templeton Foundation asked him to participate in their competition in 2008. While much of the stock market was taking a hit during this year, Mampilly found stocks to invest in that grew a $50 million fund into $88 million, making him the winner of the competition.

Despite his success on Wall Street, Mampilly retired from the hedge fund business because he didn’t believe he was helping the 99% of a Americans the way he could. So he began bringing his information to Banyan Hill through his newsletters “Profits Unlimited” and “Extreme Fortunes.” Those newsletters gained in excess of 60,000 followers very quickly, and now Mampilly is taking it a step further with his new newsletter “True Momentum 2017.” He also writes some free information on blogs for Banyan Hill and has appeared on news outlets like CNN, Fox Business and CNBC.

AvaTrade Review: A Great Option

In the world of trading today there are many options for trading forex online. Some are called towards beginners who just want to get a feel on trading forex and need a little help along the way, and then there are experts who put a significant amount of time and money in creating a profit in forex trading. Some trading platforms are more geared towards the beginner and some are more geared towards the expert. Most platforms do not have a steady way t include both. That is where AvaTrade comes in. AvaTrade is professionally reviewed platform for all traders of forex by creating a low minimum deposit required to trade, information and videos able to be used by beginners to learn more about trading, different account levels from beginner to expert, an easy user interface, and much more.

AvaTrade, created in 2006, is a fully legal and regulated platform with offices around the world. Leverage is offered at 1:400 allows even a small fore trader to make much bigger trades. This platform offers all the typical forex tradition actions such as market orders and limit orders. A 21-day demo account is available to new traders so that they can learn how to fully operate and take advantage of the great platform without having to risk any of their hard-earned currency until they fully understand the platform.

With AvaTrade, anyone can trade forex even if that person only has $100 to trade with. There are four levels of accounts: silver, gold, platinum, and ava select. Each level has its own different set of perks. Silver requires a $100 deposit while ava select requires a $100,000 deposit. Each account level has the same amazing perks such as training courses and webinars, free withdrawals, mobile trading, and much more. AvaTrade offers all these great perks and more for free to every customer.

With many options to trade forex, AvaTrade really outshines the competition. It is unique in that it creates a friendly atmosphere to all traders no matter the currency and knowledge size. With AvaTrade the trader receives an account just for them, free withdrawals, and a regulated platform.

The Oxford Club is helping members invest in unique opportunities

The stock market crash 30 years ago on October 19th, 1987. The Dow dropped a shocking 22.6 percent, more particularly 508 points. It stands in history as the stock market’s worst day ever. The strange thing was it was no particular event or situation that made it happen. The stock market had peaked two months before the crash, and had days where it would hit extremes from high to low.

It was a Black Monday and things got off to a rocky start. There were many stocks that did not open for several minutes, putting specialist in a frenzy to deal with customer orders. Panicked clients were jamming up the phone lines, creating a very frenzied situation. Analyst and brokers laughed manically, due to the seemingly impossible situation that was unfolding in front of them. The programs they used compounded loss, upon loss. They normally are suppose to reduce loss with options and futures.

Unfortunately there has been flash crashes, one on August 24th, 2015. In the first five minutes the Dow dropped a whopping 1,100 points. There also was a drop in China’s market that was considered a sell-off. There was also a bond flash crash on October 15th, 2014 which was blamed on automated high-frequency algorithms. Yet another crash happened on May 6th, 2010. If you plan on investing in the stock market, good investors anticipate these flash crashes and prepare for them. These crashes are not unusual and happen every once in a while. It important to have a set amount of cash on the side to prepare for these crashes.

The Oxford Club is a private financial organization with members all over the world in 100 different countries. The 80,000 members are made up of very successful entrepreneurs and investors. The Oxford Club is located in Baltimore, Maryland and has 51 to 100 employees.

The elite club was founded in 1989 and its mission is to gain and protect extraordinary wealth. This is done by providing members with special opportunities that are not found in the mainstream press. They select only the finest investment opportunities that yield the best returns with the lowest amount of risk.

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Siteline Cabinetry: Offering High-Quality Cabinets

Cabinets are essential inside the kitchen. These things are being used for storage purposes, where one can store the pans, condiments, plates, tissues, containers, glasses, and everything that is used for cooking and eating. Often, cabinets are installed as the house is being built, and these types of cabinets have low quality. Siteline Cabinetry wanted to change these types of cabinets with their cabinets made from high-quality materials and impressive workmanship. They wanted to let their clients design their personalize cabinets that will be installed inside their homes because they believe that every home should have reliable, artistic and excellent cabinets.

For those who wanted to order cabinets from Siteline Cabinetry, all they have to do is to select between their two options – personalized cabinets, or manufactured kitchen cabinets. Customized cabinets require someone to send their design to the cabinet that they wanted. Siteline Cabinetry will then measure the design and will forward it to their skilled cabinet makers. The design of the cabinet will strictly be followed, based on what the client wanted. Once the cabinet has been created, it will be delivered to the place of the client and will be installed by the company to see if it complements the kitchen. If the client wanted some additional changes, Siteline Cabinetry will return the cabinet to their workstation and apply the changes that the client wants, with an extra cost. Siteline Cabinetry also sells manufactured kitchen cabinets, and these have different designs that go along very well with varying types of kitchen.

Siteline Cabinetry is a company headquartered in Keysville, Virginia. They have several departments which work together to provide the best services to their clients. At their headquarters, the first people in the line are the customer service representatives. They are the ones who speak with the clients, accept the designs and putting all of the orders in the computer system. These orders will then go through the manufacturing department, or the ones who are doing the cabinets. They select the materials needed, and they use their skills to create a cabinet out of all the raw materials they have on hand. They also put in the finishes, and then after the craft is made, it will be forwarded to the delivery station. The company also has project managers, overseeing the operation of the business to provide better services to their clients.

Learn more about Siteline cabinet options and speak to an authorized dealer here