Boraie Development, Changing New Brunswick’s Landscape

The New Jersey real estate sector has seen a fair share of challenges like most other cities in the post-crisis era. From a huge number of mortgage with a higher default likelihood to the deficiency of high rent retailers, New Brunswick has had to rely on the changing economic environment to shore up its real estate sector. Many factors such as increasing employment rates, gains of home prices, and household formation have all favored the resurge in real estate development. Economists in New Brunswick are foreseeing a situation where rapid rising demand will outstrip the supply of housing. And with homeowners anticipating an improved market environment, a sort of hoarding may lead to a housing emergency. Check out Fundacity to see more.

In view of the housing situation and the anticipated changes in the industry, companies such as Boraie Development are seeking to leverage their competitive advantage and years of experience to change the landscape and lead the development of properties in New Jersey. Leveraging its private capital as its primary source of financing and a working relationship with an array of top performing stakeholders in the sector such as housing finance institutions, architects, and contractors, Boraie Development is able to guarantee quality and timely delivery of various products. The company focuses on developing the properties, sales and marketing, and property management as it aims at quality service that will help maintain its competitive edge in the market.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Boraie Development implements a strategic policy of focusing on establishing a long-term relationship with its stakeholders in the industry. Specializing in the development of residential, restaurant assets, retail, and hostel facilities, Boraie Development leverages its long experience in management to make deals that allow it to offer exceptional services to its clients in terms of administration, customer servicing, and marketing. With over $150 Million in commercial and residential sales, Boraie Development has earned the trust and confidence of its clients. While analyzing the property development sector, Joe Williams, writing for the Philly Purge, agreeably gave a comprehensive analysis some of which we have relied on.

Under the leadership of Sam Boraie, Boraie Development has seen the completion of several high priced projects. Some of these projects include the tallest Building in New Brunswick at twenty-five stories, a spacious parking garage, 121 residential units, more than 40,000 square feet of office space, and up to 10,000 square feet of retail space. The most recent being buildings like the Aspire and Spring Street. You can visit his website

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