Jeremy Goldstein Explains How Following A “Knockout” Stock Options Strategy Can Be For The Best

There are pros and cons to offering stock options to your employees. People understand them which is a benefit, and they entice people to work hard knowing if the company stock does well so do they. On the other hand, they can be difficult for accounting departments to deal with.

One expert in executive compensation, Jeremy Goldstein, says that if you’re going to award stock options it’s best to use the right strategy. There is one strategy he says that is called “knockout“. They work the same as normal stock options in that they have time limits and vesting requirements. However, if the share value falls before a specified amount for a reasonable period of time the employees lose their options.

For one example, if the option is for five years and the employee can buy the stock at $100 per unit, it’s common that if it drops below $50 the option to buy is lost. There is also a time for the stock to be below the set value, usually a week.

Jeremy Goldstein says that another benefit to using the “knockout” strategy is that the numbers used on annual disclosure forms for executive compensation are lower. The benefit of this is that the annual proxy ends up being more accurate which is something that shareholders greatly approve of.

Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associate, LLC is a law firm that he founded in June 2014. He specializes in executive compensation. Prior to opening his own law firm, he was a partner at another New York City one, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, for 14 years. He earned his law degree in 1999 by attending New York University School of Law.

Jeremy Goldstein’s services are often used by top executives and compensation committees. This is particularly true when a mergers & acquisitions transaction is being completed. One of the side effects of an M&A event is that executive compensation packages need to be analyzed & possibly retooled when such an event happens. Experts like Jeremy Goldstein can provide their advice so that sensitive situations like this are handled in the most appropriate and legal way.

Jeremy Goldstein has also written and spoken many times about executive compensation issues and other legal matters he has dealt with. The Legal 500 named him one of the leading lawyers on these issues in the United States, as did Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. Learn more:

Users of the Securus Technologies’ facilities comment on the success of the technology in preventing and solving crimes

Securus Technologies has built a reputation for providing quality criminal and civil solutions to enhance public safety, crime investigation, and corrections. It also has tools for monitoring communications. It has published a few user remarks on ways the technology prevents and helps solve crimes including ones committed by inmates on fellow inmates.


Below are a few comments from made via email and formal letters on the use of the technology by prison officers and other jail officials across the United States. All the comments are made by those with the responsibility of preventing and ensuring a conducive corrections facility environment that is safe and good for inmates.

For personal safety, references to specific states, counties and facility are redacted. Here are selected comments.


“Through your assistance, we were able to obtain and use phone calls to nab a corrupt member of the staff. This led to his arrest for introducing contraband to the facility. Thank you so much. We look forward to more collaboration.”


“We have been monitoring calls that involve the use of alcohol by inmates, drug trafficking in our facility, threats, access to cellular devices and other suspicious conversations. We are thankful for your support.”


“We are impressed by the capabilities of your technologies as well as the ability to develop solutions to deal with emerging issues. The investigative idea behind the technology goes well with our policy”.


“We have been your clients for over a decade. We are impressed by your efforts to revolutionize our facility environment and enhance our efforts to make the facility safe for the general public.”


Securus Technologies recently received both A+ Rating and accreditation from Better Business Bureau. This solidifies its mission of developing tools to improve client safety and solve crimes. In a recent interview, the Senior President of Operations said, ‘This is the epitome of our efforts to remain true to the promise we made to our clients”.


Jeff Yastine: Encouraging People to Invest

Investing is very important, especially for those people who wanted to retire wealthy. Investment capitalizes on time, and if someone invests early, they can get huge amounts of money when they retire. This is what Jeff Yastine wanted for the American people – he wanted them to become financially literate and learn how to invest. He is writing articles for the Total Wealth Insider, being published by Banyan Hill Publishing, an American publishing company specializing in articles and write-ups that focuses on finance. Jeff Yastine joined the publishing company in 2015, and in just a short period of time, he was promoted to become the editorial director of Banyan Hill Publishing. After becoming one of the executives, Jeff Yastine decided to write additional articles that will be published through Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily, another publication under the umbrella of Banyan Hill Publishing. Read more on to know more about Jeff Yastine.

Prior to becoming the editorial director of Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine worked as an anchor on television for programs that focuses on business. He has interviewed some of the wealthiest people in America on his show, including the likes of Warren Buffet, and the show has given him an insight on how to become a successful investor and trader. After his show ended in 2010, he decided to focus on his investments. He is following the trend of the stock market, and bought stocks that he thinks would rise in value. He is also fond of reading books and articles that talk about good investing practices and he tried to master them. He applied what he learned when he tried to trade stocks at the stock market, and the profit that he gained is more than enough for him to become serious in investing at the stock market. He would soon invest his wealth in a number of other investment options, and by diversifying his investments, the risks of losing went down.

Today, Jeff Yastine is feeling contented on writing for Banyan Hill Publishing. He revealed that he is happy working for the public, giving them information on how to become wealthy through investing. He would also hold seminars and conferences to give the public an idea on where they can put their money. He is also giving them the most helpful methods and techniques on how to gain wealth in the quickest time possible. The encouragement that Jeff Yastine provides his readers is more than enough to influence them to start investing. Learn more:



Joel Friant: The Right Flavor of Entrepreneurship

Joel Friant is a tremendously successful serial entrepreneur with a focus on creativity and technology innovation. He has created a number of ventures with subconscious success training, home-based business model, and enthusiasm for product creation. Friant also helps fellow entrepreneurs as well as young people to garner success in their ventures and personal life. Joel chose real estate industry and acquired properties, remodeled it, and sold for profits. In the mid-90s, he entered into dining industry with his Fast Food Thai Concept restaurant.

During those days, Joel Friant experienced Habanero Chile Pepper and found it very much flavored and different from other peppers. He thought of marketing it and established a brand “The Habanero Shaker.” In the initial days, Friant made the pepper listed in the major departmental stores in Washington State, and people found it spicy and unique. During the same time, he also got more involved in the real estate business and took house flipping more seriously. Interestingly, he learned the business of mortgage lending and established own mortgage lending firm with his innovative thoughts.

After the 2008 financial crisis, people found to be less confident to take up ventures and invest their money into the market. Joel Friant started educating people how to safeguard themselves during the adverse situation and encouraged them to make use of the right opportunities in a timely manner. He also wrote many articles focusing on making success in the troubled waters. From 2012, he got immersed in the online business model and expertized with eBay and Amazon listing options. Friant started selling Habanero Shaker and other products through the online stores.

The Habanero Chile Pepper quickly became one of the top-selling pepper brands in the online stores. A number of factors made its sales a grand success. Initially, it was one of the exceptionally flavored peppers available in the market. Its smoky and buttery taste made everyone fans of it. Secondly, it has the right amount of heat and flavor to give a balance of both. It also gave added health benefit due to the presence of capsaicin that promotes the secretion of endorphins – a painkiller generated by the human body.

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AvaTrade Review: What is it and Who is it for?

AvaTrade has been around since 2006 providing online traders working on the foreign exchange market Forex with a stable platform to do trading on as well as to receive some education on the business.

Forex is one of the most complex types of markets. Even if someone is well versed in trading on other markets, they will still experience a learning curve when getting int trading on Forex. That is one of the reasons why Forex is the most challenging market for beginning traders and why AvaTrade review is equipped with a vast number of tools to help traders of any experience level have a more comfortable and less confusing time getting into Forex trading.

AvaTrade is also a broker platform. It offers many tools for trader such as informing them of the best time to start trading, assisting them with time zones and world currencies, keeping them in the know about changes in the market, and many more.

Since the online trading platform put a strong emphasis on education, it offers a vast library of resources. AvaTrade is keen on teaching and has an extensive but comprehensive guide to the Forex market. It is advisable for a trader who is just starting out with Forex to go through the guide first before starting to trade. That will enable them to make smarter decisions and suffer substantial financial losses from the get-go.

AvaTrade was created to cater to both experienced traders, and those who are looking to start trading. The platform has something for every level of experience. Proficient online traders have been using the resources provided by AvaTrade to receive some confirmation that their next step is a good one. Novice traders have been using the platform more thoroughly as it has become the leading financial resource for many beginners. They have been learning and practicing on AvaTrade, taking advantage of the guidance and resources on the platform.

Before going into trading, everyone should do ample research and educate themselves on the business. It is likely that a trader will suffer some type of financial loss at some point in their trading career, so education is essential.

Oxford Club – Investments, Cryptocurrencies and More

Financial administration and investing are two fundamental principles if you want to have a higher wealth and be financially independent.

When it comes to investing, there are a dozen of possible investments that you can make, even some that have almost no risk attached to them, and those who have high risk and high reward. However, with such a wide variety of possible choices in the industry, how can an ordinary person find the best investment method for their personal goals?

The Oxford Club is one of your outs for discovering the type of investment that you want to make. It is an independent financial publisher from Oxford that is continually sharing news from the investment world and inviting new guests to talk about different perspectives.

The headquarter of the Oxford Club is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

With over 80,000 members scattered around more than a hundred countries, the Oxford Club is one of the most famous teams that talk about investments in the world. They are one of the most sought investment channels from investors that are just starting off.

The Oxford Club is actually a subsidiary of “The Agora,” which is also known by the fans by its older name. “Agora Inc.”

One of the most recent interviews from the Oxford Club was in December 3rd, when they invited the experienced senior investor Adam Sharp, which just recently started exploring cryptocurrencies and their potential for an investor.

Also called “altcoins,” Adam Sharp has a very positive experience from investing in these more mainstream cryptocurrencies, mainly bitcoin and the more interesting alternative, the Ethereum, which is said to have no limit to its mining. He also has experience with other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and more, having always disseminated his investments into different sources of income.

According to Adam, one of the funniest things of the cryptocurrency is that anyone can create their own version of the coin.

If you would like to learn more about different investments, strategies to grow your income and to use your money to work for you, Oxford Club is one of the most respected networks that have specialized in finances and investments.

The group is constantly inviting new celebrities and successful investors, so you will always have the opinion of a professional in the area.

Siteline Cabinetry Creates Visually Appealing and Affordable High-Performance Products

Anyone who purchases a home is making an investment in their future. One way to ensure this investment stays strong is to enhance the interior of the home with high quality cabinets. The superior quality of Siteline Cabinetry was the focus of a recent online article. The article detailed why this particular brand of cabinets were worth investing in. One of the main reasons why these products are considered to be highly desirable is because they are custom created. Homeowners can choose from a huge variety of options including the material, finish and size of their cabinets.

The fact that Siteline Cabinetry is designed to suit the needs of each individual customer, also makes it an affordable product to purchase. The ability to choose from more than 270 options allows homeowners to get the most for their dollar. This individualized customization also allows them to get the type of storage space they need. Siteline Cabinetry is a division of The Corsi Group, who’s goal it was to create a product that focused on design. Since starting the operations for Siteline, the company has expanded their facilities and provided employment to more than 200 individuals.

One of the key elements in the Siteline process of designing is quality. Although customers have a broad spectrum of choices available, every product is created to the company’s superior standard of quality. This standard is the same regardless of the size or shape of a cabinet or the accessory pieces used to enhance it. The fact that the company has a set standard of quality allows them to offer products custom tailored to meet the ever-changing roles of today’s household.

The superior products available through Siteline Cabinetry are generally carried by the type of professionals who know how to design interior spaces. The company routinely sells their products to home builders, kitchen and bath remodeling companies and designer showrooms. The idea is to have the professionals work with the customer to optimize their interior storage spaces as well as the way their interiors look. The end result is visually appealing high-performance cabinetry capable of withstanding the test of time.

Waiakea Water, Nature’s Best from Hawaii

This environment-conscious water company was established in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. The Hawaiian founder borrowed from the tradition of his fellow countrymen to care for the people, land and the environment instead of only creating wealth. Its name merely means broad waters in the native language of the great Hawaii people.

The foundation of the company is positivity. It distributes healthy water for sale, and every liter sold, they donate enough water for a week’s use in Malawi. Waiakea is a charitable firm has initiated a partnership with Pump Aid through which they give clean water. It has developed a habit of caring for the environment in its productions as opposed to many companies in the same industry. Their policy is to consider environmental and social effects as intimately as its financial growth.

While many companies support eco-friendly campaigns but not practice the same, Waiakea operates on a framework that ensures sustainable production that doesn’t damage the ecosystem. While other companies take up the task to protect the environment due to social pressure, this water company has it among its core values. For instance, their water is packaged in plastic bottles made of entirely recycled polyethylene which uses minimal energy to create and emit very little carbon, and their delivery vehicles have low-emissions.

Hawaii people are known widely probably for their belief to conserve the earth around them. The fact that Waiakea water is bottled there could be a reason for it to stand out especially for anyone looking for naturally pure water. Apart from the name that has touched their culture; the bottled water is filtered through volcanic rocks whose length is 14,000 feet in Mauna Loa volcano.

It is unbelievable that some countries dump all their plastic waste into the ocean while others recycle only a fraction of them. The company is proud to announce its production of an absolutely degradable container for the first time in the world. Its advances to protect the environment, the volcanic water and having it from Hawaii could be why it overshadows other water companies in the market.

Louis Chenevert Brought His Innovative Leadership to UTC

Louis Chenevert had tremendous success as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He was able to use his experience in the business world to make an impact on the culture of the company. Louis wanted UTC to be a place that everyone could be proud to say they worked at. He was able to have such an influence by investing in the ideas and visions of the people who were with the organization. Chenevert encouraged them to bring their thoughts to the table. He in turn was committed to listening to anyone who had an idea that would inspire new business tactics. This is the type of policy that reshaped the environment of UTC. Louis used this to help the company make an impact on the economy through creating job opportunities.

Technology evolves constantly. The consumers of technology are more sophisticated than ever. Their desires are as complicated as the items they purchase. Chenevert committed to keeping up with the demand for technology by hiring 25,000 people over a three-year period in the United States alone. He wanted to prove to the industry that UTC supports creativity in the manner it says it does.

The main company has a powerful influence over all of its affiliates. Chenevert made a huge commitment to suppliers. He knows that UTC outsources a great deal of its core work. The company invested up to 40 million dollars within a three-year period in its support system so that suppliers can continue to deliver a fabulous product.

Human beings are the creators of all technology. This is why UTC continuously supports innovative thinking. Chenevert wanted his team members to think outside of the box and not be afraid to push past the standard limits. UTC implemented a scholarship program in order to inspire internal creativity. The company will pay for the education of any employee no matter what their field of study decides to be.

Louis Chenevert is originally from Quebec, Canada. He attended HEC business school which is an affiliate of the University of Montreal. He earned his bachelor’s degree and set out to accomplish his goals in business. Louis was very successful at General Motors. He spent 14 years there before arriving at Pratt & Whitney where he had a six-year stay. In 2014, Louis Chenevert resigned of his position as CEO of United Technologies Corporation.