Users of the Securus Technologies’ facilities comment on the success of the technology in preventing and solving crimes

Securus Technologies has built a reputation for providing quality criminal and civil solutions to enhance public safety, crime investigation, and corrections. It also has tools for monitoring communications. It has published a few user remarks on ways the technology prevents and helps solve crimes including ones committed by inmates on fellow inmates.


Below are a few comments from made via email and formal letters on the use of the technology by prison officers and other jail officials across the United States. All the comments are made by those with the responsibility of preventing and ensuring a conducive corrections facility environment that is safe and good for inmates.

For personal safety, references to specific states, counties and facility are redacted. Here are selected comments.


“Through your assistance, we were able to obtain and use phone calls to nab a corrupt member of the staff. This led to his arrest for introducing contraband to the facility. Thank you so much. We look forward to more collaboration.”


“We have been monitoring calls that involve the use of alcohol by inmates, drug trafficking in our facility, threats, access to cellular devices and other suspicious conversations. We are thankful for your support.”


“We are impressed by the capabilities of your technologies as well as the ability to develop solutions to deal with emerging issues. The investigative idea behind the technology goes well with our policy”.


“We have been your clients for over a decade. We are impressed by your efforts to revolutionize our facility environment and enhance our efforts to make the facility safe for the general public.”


Securus Technologies recently received both A+ Rating and accreditation from Better Business Bureau. This solidifies its mission of developing tools to improve client safety and solve crimes. In a recent interview, the Senior President of Operations said, ‘This is the epitome of our efforts to remain true to the promise we made to our clients”.


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