Securus Technologies: Creating the Drone Detector

Jail officers have recently recorded a sudden rise in the number of drones found in the vicinity of correctional facilities. They are alarmed by the fact that these drones are being sent by individuals who have contacts with prisoners inside the correctional facility to deliver contrabands, such as illegal drugs, deadly weapons, and cell phones. Jail officers stated that these drones have the potential to cause violence inside the prison, and they are doing the best that they can to stop these machines from reaching them. The jail officers have been seizing the contrabands that are being delivered by the drones, and in some instances, they are shooting these drones to prevent its use. However, the jail officers could no longer focus on their primary job to secure the correctional facility because these drones just keep on coming, and some manage to successfully deliver the contraband without the knowledge of the jail officers. Because of the extreme stress developed from watching out from these drones, jail officers had enough and contacted Securus Technologies and told them what the problem is all about.


Securus Technologies is one of the leading technology providers in North America. They are known for being the telecommunications provider of more than 3,000 prisons across the United States and Canada, and they are also servicing more than 1.2 inmates. After receiving the letter about the incident with drones, Securus Technologies immediately banded some of their best engineers to brainstorm about how they can stop the drones from coming near the correctional facility. For more than 18 months, Securus Technologies has been developing a drone detection technology, and after they finished building it, they will be installing it to a local prison to determine its effectivity. Securus Technologies is hoping that the drone detector can put an end to the illegal use of drones as a courier for contrabands.


According to one of the spokespeople for the project, the drone detection technology that Securus Technologies developed uses the same concept behind the wireless containment system. The drone detector would jam the signals used to control the device, and it would hinder the controller to move the drone. The company is hoping that the drone detector would address the issue of the jail officers regarding the rising number of drones found in their area.


However, they should also consider the fact that while they are developing a new device to ward off the drones, the prisoners would also counter it by thinking about a new measure on how they can smuggle contrabands from the outside world. What the jail officers must do to prevent the flow of contrabands inside the prison efficiently is to regularly check the inmates and use all of the technological resources given to them by Securus Technologies to stop them from smuggling these contrabands.



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