Dj Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are a very popular duo of djs. They are perhaps considered to be the largest name electronic today. They have teamed up with a host of artists on collaborations. They make some of the most popular music. Currently, they have a number one album. The bandmates consist of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. What drew these two together was their shared passion for EDM and djing.


Alex Pall has always been a musician. He began being a dj young. Soon his childhood hobby became his adulthood career. In New York City, he began to book small dj gigs. He then met dj Drew Taggart. After relocating and quitting jobs, these two formed The Chainsmokers in Alex’s apartment.


Building an identity as artists was no easy task for the duo but it was vital to stand out from the many other artists in the industry. The Chainsmokers knew that starting out there would some differences in building a presence for their brand in the electronic genre. Both Alex Pall and Drew Taggart knew the way the music world worked. So many artists get into a genre and try to replicate the biggest names in the genre. Making very similar music with no meaning. These two would not stand for that in their band.


They knew there were already a lot of producers and djs. But they always knew making a unique sound and feel would propel them to stardom. They do not mind expanding into other genres either. Over a year ago, the group decided they would not limit themselves to dance music anymore. They did not believe formatting themselves to meet industry standards. Once they decided they would make music straight from their hearts, that is when The Chainsmokers created some of their most sought after music. It was Waterbed, Roses and Don’t Let Me down which became the hallmarks of this band. The group is even going further with showing their identity has no limits by having some new songs in the works that combine many genres of music like pop music, dance music, indie and hip-hop.

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