Paul Mampilly Is Using His Financial Expertise To Educate Thousands Of Investors

Paul Mampilly is currently an editor working at Banyan Hill Publishing, a position he has held for just a few years. Paul took this position because he wanted to use his knowledge in the financial industry to help others succeed where he has found success himself. Paul Mampilly has dominated the stock markets for the better part of 20 years and has held executive positions for a variety of different major corporation as well. At Banyan Hill Publishing, thousands of readers have joined up to become a member of Paul Mampilly’s newsletter, Profits Unlimted. Through this newsletter, Paul gives investors and entrepreneurs out there some insight into various markets as well as the most effective tips for getting started.

All too often, investors try to hop into trading without building the sufficient knowledge first, usually ending up in them losing all their starting money. According to Paul, this is the number one mistake that new investors make, regardless of all the investment information available on the web today. Too many people are interested in becoming rich quick, which as appealing as it sounds, is virtually impossible. Paul Mampilly graduated from the University of Fordham back in 1991 before he landed his first position as a portfolio managing working at Bankers Trust.

From this first position, Paul Mampilly continued expanding on his investment knowledge so that he could be financially independent, rather than just working to improve another company in the market. In an interview with Eric Dye, Paul remembers spending the majority of his days building his knowledge on the daily stocks that were being traded as well as any companies that were worth investing in. As the industry has become more competitive, doing something like this is much more difficult, which is why Paul is taking the time to educate aspiring entrepreneurs and investors.

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