Who is Richard Shinto?

Richard Shinto works at the InnovaCare Health Solutions where he serves as the President and also the chief executive officer. He is the former chief executive officer at the MMM Healthcare, Inc. Richard is a former employee of Aveta Inc. where he held the position of a chief executive officer. Shinto is also the former chief executive officer at the PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. Richard Shinto has served in the field of operational and clinical healthcare for more than 20 years. He is termed as an authority when it comes to managed healthcare. Richard Shinto was the President of Aveta Inc. before it was sold in 2012. He was also the chief executive officer at the North American Medical Management of Illinois. He also served in the company’s management team.


Richard Shinto is specialized in internal medicine and pulmonology. He was the CEO of Medical Pathways Management Company and later the President of medical management at the MedPartners. He then went on to serve as the chief executive officer at the Cal Optima Health Plan, California. Shinto attended the University of California where he managed to acquire his degree. He also studied at the University of Redlands and University of New York at Stony Brook. Richard Shinto has been able to win many awards in the course of his career including the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the year. This was in the category of service for the New Jersey state. You can visit danielestraus.org



The award for the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the year was awarded to Richard Shinto due to his excellent success in personal commitment and innovation towards his company. Richard started his career in the medical field as an internist and also a pulmonologist at the Southern California. Richard has steered the company to achieve massive success and growth in his position at InnovaCare Health. Richard Shinto is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the strategic plans at InnovaCare Health. He has the knowledge on how to appoint key company executives. He is a member of the team that comes up with InnovaCare strategic goals. Check out hired.com



Richard Shinto attributes his success in the medical field to passion, hard work, and commitment. He offers mentorship programs to upcoming and young individuals who wish to join his line of work. Richard hopes to place InnovaCare Health at the top position when it comes to managed healthcare.

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