Litigator Todd Levines Creativity and Analytical Skills Helps Him to Win Cases

Todd Levine is a successful litigator with many years of experience in the field of law. He has been dedicated to his job since he started his career having received mentorship from mentors who guided him on how to be an excellent lawyer. Other experience he gained outside the courtrooms also contributed to his success.

Todd Levine developed interest in music when he was 10 and since then, he has been playing guitar and keyboards. Away from that, he is a math and science enthusiast. These are among his qualities that has made him stand out in the courtrooms. The extensive skills helps him to turn around opponent’s evidence to the favor of his case.


Levine handles complex business disputes specifically the disputes arising from real estate businesses. He has represented real estate brokers, developers among many other people. In the financial sector, he is known for his expertise in commercial litigation. Further, Levine has handled cases and disputes in the entertainment industry.


He uses his analytical skills as well as creativity to solve complex cases and to find out important things that other litigation lawyers may overlook. He is capable of developing a legal argument that can give clarity to an otherwise hard-to-solve dispute.



Levine is a co-founder and partner at a firm known as Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levin. The Miami-based firm handles both litigation and non-litigation cases. Since its onset, the partners have always worked together in harmony, the thing that has made them handle cases on behalf of prominent people and institutions.



Apart from the high caliber of cases, Levine’s firm has grown rapidly to have more than 30 attorneys. Todd Levine, directly or indirectly, has handled different cases on behalf of prominent people such as Sweetwater Mayor Orlando Lopez, popular former professional basketball player, Alex Rodriquez on different matters. Among the cases, he won most of them.



Close knot of founders, enabling environment and mentorship played a big role in Levine’s and his firm’s success.


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