Rodrigo Terpins Motivated By Sustainability With New Business venture.

Brazil is currently experiencing a huge boom in their wood production industry. Wood sourced from Brazil is being bought up by companies both nationally and internationally and the truth is that many of these wood production businesses are operating without sustainability in mind. Enter Floresvale. Floresvale is an ethically-driven wood production company that is focused on sourcing wood from sustainable farms. Established by professional rally car driver Rodrigo Terpins, Floresvale is giving businesses the chance to shop ethically while still getting a certified, quality product. Rodrigo Terpins probably never anticipated working in this industry. As a famous rally car driver, he probably figured that he’d spend his time solely on the track. That ended up simply not being the case.


Rodrigo Terpins comes from a long line of professional athletes and instinctual competitors. Older brother Michel is a professional rally car driver with many victories under his belt. Father Jake Terpins is a retired professional basketball player who is still attached to the sport to this day. Rodrigo followed in their footsteps and he ended up becoming an immensely popular racer of his own, scoring a top placement in the Sertoes Rally which is one of the largest off-road races in all of Brazil. Rodrigo would score a 3rd place finish in the Prototypes T1 category with his navigator Fabricio Bianchini by his side. Terpins was thrilled with the experience and glad to win big, but he still isn’t convinced that racing is his long-term future.


As a thinker and an analytically driven person, Rodrigo Terpins is always open to new ideas and concepts that could provide value in the future. Terpins knows that a huge part of his life is simply dedicated to researching trends and hooking up with partners in order to discuss how they can make hay out of this information. For that reason, Terpins is considering moving into a variety of different sectors which includes technology and even medicinal marijuana. For now, however, Terpins is ecstatic to be competing at a high level on the rally circuit and he is even happier to see continued growth with Floresvale. To see more you can checkout


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