Generous Contributions

Nexbank is a bank that has really had a record of positive results over the years since its foundation. It has its headquarters located at Dallas, Texas in the United States. The bank’s main focus is to fulfill the customer’s need through its wide range of services such as personal checking of accounts, account mortgages, savings accounts, internet banking, treasury management and so many more. In addition to that, it offers financial advice to its clients and has really saved a lot of people and companies from bankruptcy.

On December 2015, the bank was successful in acquiring the College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey which is a bank that specializes in offering saving programs to clients. Nexbank decided to keep the bank’s name and also not to alter any operations that the bank was involved in. The banks have really helped Nexbank in meeting their clients needs by helping parents save for their children’s college fee. College Saving Bank mainly deals with college savings from the time it was founded in 1987 till today.

This has greatly helped parents prepare themselves to fund their children in the future when they pursue higher education. Later on, on August 9th, 2017, Nextbank was able to raise a sum of $20 million which was raised from equity capital. The money was set aside by the bank to help in carrying out major transactions in the bank. In addition to that, it raised $200 million from debts paid by their customers in 2016. To add to that, the shareholders of the bank also play a great role in the success of Nexbank. They have really contributed in planning the business for the bank as well as providing a strong financial foundation.

The bank’s CEO Mr. John Holt stated that the bank will be able to move to the next level and improve its services to meet the customers’ needs. Nexbank was also able to hit $6.4 billion raised from assets and was able to lend a sum of $3.6 billion to its customers who needed loans. It is without a doubt that Nexbank has truly been successful and is showing no signs of backing down.

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