Todd Levine: An Outstanding Litigator

Todd Levine is renowned for his prowess in his profession. What is fascinating about him is his unmatched abilities, competence, and experience. Apart from holding a degree in Law, Todd also has a wealth of skills, which he equally credits for his significant milestones. Todd Levine confesses that his passion for art, music, science, and mathematics greatly influences his performance in the courtroom.


Todd Levine recalls an instance where, in mediation, the mediator dropped a bombshell by presenting documents that he had not seen before. They had enough evidence to hurt his case, but that never happened. Todd perused through the papers, and at the spur of the moment, he had identified a loophole that would help him win his case. Undeniably, Levine is intelligent and has a keen eye to details.


Todd Levine’s Journey And Accomplishments


Anything that has an enduring value calls for dedication. Understanding this universal maxim very well, Todd Levine joined hands with the like-minded attorneys, and together they founded Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine Law firm in 2009. The crew had formerly worked together in a different firm, but they decided to pursue a shared vision, which was to grow their careers.


Todd is recognized for success in cases like the one that he represented Edie Laquer’s, a celebrated real estate broker. In a lawsuit against Africa Israel Properties for failure to pay commission on a sale agreement, Laquer Corporate Realty Group Inc. received $3.4 million after the judgment. Yet again, Todd Levine represented the same firm in 2012 during a case against Siffin and Maefield Holdings concerning a loan to the accused. Developer Siffin ended up paying $905,771 to the brokerage firm.


Giving Credit Where it is Due


Levine appreciates his partners for a properly-knit relationship, which has fostered their great success. They are passionate about nurturing talent through mentorship of younger attorneys. Precisely, their objective is to raise a generation of attorneys who will have a great ability to solve legal problems.

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