Chris Burch has found the nexus between innovation and implementation

Nihi Sumba is an island which is beautified by the rich culture of the Sumbanese people. In early years it was known as Nihiwatu or the mortal stone. The earlier visitors to the island found it necessary to build a resort in the area. This would help celebrate the rich heritage of the people of Sumba. Chris Burch identified the market gap and decided to expand the business. Chris Burch looked for James Mcbride, and together they partnered and chose to develop the resort. Ever since that partnership, they have become the best hotel entrepreneurs in the world. Multiple brands have grown because of Chris Burch. He is the CEO of Burch Creative Company.


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Due to his passion for investment and entrepreneurship, he has expanded many businesses, important source on By opening Nihi Sumba resort he has made the people of Sumba united and helped they live in harmony. They have also gotten job opportunities from the hotel. They help tour tourists around while giving them fascinating stories about their unique culture. They also get a perfect chance to showcase their way of life and perform their dances to the tourists. Nihi Sumba has earned many awards including the most prestigious award. It has appeared in many magazines too as the best hotel with excellent customer services. It has become a home of many tourists who want to visit the Island. Recently, Chris Burch has also appeared in the celebrated Forbes Magazine as one of the wealthiest entrepreneur and hotelier not to forget his innovation and creative skills in the business world check


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