Shervin Pishevar Hurls Tweets Like Thunderbolts

Like Zeus hurling thunderbolts down from Mt. Olympus, super angel investor Shervin Pishevar recently spent 21 wild hours blasting out Tweets into the Twitterverse and many people trembled.

That’s because Mr. Pishevar unloaded on some of the biggest names in corporate high-tech. He took on Silicon Valley, leveled his shattering opinions on the likes of the stock market, Bitcoin and even the fundamentals of the American economy itself.

Shervin Pishevar has been one of the biggest names in investment in the high-tech sector during the past two decades. He started at age 23 when he developed WebOS, a groundbreaking company that was almost solely responsible for bringing on the age of cloud computing.

It would take a small book to list all of the successful projects Shervin Pishevar has backed and companies he has created or co-created. He invested in Airbnb, Uber, Uber Series-B and Munchery to name just a few. He was also the founder of Hyperloop One and co-founder of Sherpa Capital.

Because Shervin Pishevar is recognized around the world for his enormous contributions to cutting-edge company concept development, his Tweets take on the prowess of a virtual god. So what are some of the things he had to say in his recent thunderous Tweetstorm?

Well, Mr. Pishevar said that the stock market is wildly overvalued and a huge correction could take place soon. He opined that a plunge of some 6,000 points is possible.

He also mused that government regulators should consider breaking up giants like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and others. They’re just to large and powerful, Shervin Pishevar Tweeted.

Something else that is due to come down to size is Bitcoin, Shervin Pishevar said. It too is overvalued. He expects market forces to trim the cryptocurrency way down to a value of $2,000 to $5,000. It may stabilize at that level, however.

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