Ted Bauman Gives Insights to Investors on How They can Protect Their Investments

Ted Bauman is an accomplished investment advisor and author. Bauman is committed to helping ordinary Americans gain financial independence. Bauman spent his childhood in the US but later relocated to South Africa where he continued with his education and began his career. Bauman is an alma mater of the University of Cape Town. Bauman worked in South Africa for over two decades and after that relocated back to the US. In 2013 he joined Banyan Publishing where he authors an investment newsletter going by the name Bauman’s Letter.

In one of his letters, Ted Bauman gives insights to investors on how they can protect their investments. According to Bauman, one sure way through which an investor can lose all his investments is by avoiding creating a protective investment plan. There is no sure way through which one can a hundred percent protect his or her investment however with good common sense strategy an individual can be able to protect an investment portfolio. Bauman is a firm believer of the gains that can be achieved through asset protection. According to Ted Bauman low-risk investment strategy is one sure way of guarding your investment. Investors should not be in a rush of getting huge gains in a short time but should instead create a defensive mechanism that will eventually win. According to Bauman, the lucky investors do make immense overnight profits from risky ventures however most of the time risky ventures lead to massive losses. Successful investors do take their time and make long-term low-risk investments that in the end earn them substantial profits.

The other way through which investors can protect their wealth according to Ted Bauman is by investing in bonds. Many investors have no idea what bonds, dividends or bonds markets are and as a result, they do not invest in them. Bonds going by history are known to be very safe as compared to stocks. Investors who make Bond investments rely on dividends as their returns as opposed to waiting for stock market gains or losses. Investors can make huge profits investing in stocks that offer attractive bonuses. However, bonds are less risky as compared to stocks. According to Bauman, it is uncommon for bonds to drop by 50 percent or more overnight but it is quite common when it comes to stocks.

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