Freedom Checks: The Many Reasons To Invest In MLPs

Matt Badiali shocked the world after explaining what Freedom Checks were. Master Limited Partnerships are the companies that have been paying these checks out since 1987. However, MLPs have been ignored by most investors because many don’t understand how the tax code benefits both these companies and their shareholders. MLPs are natural resource companies that transport or produce the resources domestically. These companies get generous tax treatment from the government if they earn their revenue here in the United States and pay Freedom Checks to their shareholders at least every three months.

MLPs can be some rather profitable investments. It is estimated that MLPs are going to be issuing a total of over $30 billion in Freedom Checks this year. Matt Badiali believes that MLPs will be paying out considerably higher payments in the future for several reasons. The United States is now a major oil producing country, thanks to using fracking technology. The Middle East is exporting much less oil to the United States than it did in the past. Mr. Badiali feels this will continue, as it is part of the United States’ goal to become energy independent. If the fracking boom continues, MLPs are going to be raking in even more profits, which will mean they will pay more money in the next few years.

Many people were rather confused at watching the ad Matt Badiali created where he tried to explain the benefits of Freedom Checks. A lot of individuals felt that this was a government-sponsored program that involved age restrictions, as well as income and wealth limitations. This is not the case because Freedom Checks are really just an investment. It involves buying shares in an MLP, and the distributions are the returns paid to the shareholders. There are individuals who are going to be receiving payments that far exceed any government benefits check. Those who may not have too much money will be happy to know that they can still participate in this investment strategy with as starting capital of $10. MLPs carry the same risks as typical stocks, but their returns can outperform them.

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