Steve Ritchie Journey in Making Papa Johns a Global Giant in Food Industry

Last year, Papa John’s made some of the most significant strides towards customer’s satisfaction. The CEO has been passionate about making the services more customer friendly, and it is impressive to note that his efforts have started to pay off. In order to make these changes a reality, Steve Ritchie embarked in a policy change journey that will see the company becoming one of the most efficient companies in the food industry. Some of these changes include the following.

First, Steve Ritchie initiated a structural change in the management. A change in management was not only timely but also important. Just like the mainstream industries, the food industry requires visionary leadership that is able to push change and better operation of the company. Some of the areas that Steve Ritchie was keen on changing the leadership included the marketing, branding, and general operations. In addition to bringing new talents, Steve was also keen on redesigning the company’s structure to match with the global standards.

Another aspect that Steve Ritchie changed is the company’s approach to work and productivity. Although the company was one of the most productive companies in the food industry, there was a need for a better approach to productivity. Companies in the modern era are classified in terms of how effective and efficient they are in terms of productivity. He hopes that the change in the company’s productivity approach will make Papa John’s a global company in 2019.

In addition to changing the company’s management and approach to productivity, he is the first CEO to ratify aspirations on equity and diversity. The company has been home to diversity, and this ratification of this aspiration exhibited the company’s commitment to ensuring that a more accommodative working space is a reality. The ratification fruits are evident, and in the last two months, the company has experienced one of their best times as far as being accommodative is concerned.

In conclusion, the company’s restructuring journey also helped the company in making some relations adjustments between the company and other corporates. Over the years, Papa John’s has experienced the best working relations with other companies, and these adjustments strengthened the company’s relations with other companies.

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