Nitin Khanna Invests In Tech And Cannabis

Nitin Khanna is an inspiration as a first-generation immigrant to the United States who has made it big as an entrepreneur and businessman. Nitin Khanna was born and raised in Ambala before immigrating to the United States after a highly-disciplined life. He is a graduate of Purdue University with both a Bachelors and a Masters degrees in Industrial Engineering. In India, he attended The Lawrence School and was the son of a Colonel in the Indian military.

Taking the right risks at the right time is the key to the success of Nitin Khanna  the businessman who founded MergerTech, an investment bank, in 2009.

MergerTech focuses on providing solutions for tech companies in their early stages of progress in order to help them reach their potential. One of the deals that Nitin Khanna recently took part it included a $5 million investment into the smart office solutions company iSos. Founded in 2016 in India, the company provides software-based solutions and now has an office in California as well.

Before founding MergerTech, Nitin Khanna had sold his government solutions software company Saber Corp to EDS in 2007 and stayed on with the company for a year as the leader of their government business operation. By the time that Nitin Khanna left Saber, the company employed around 1,500 people. In addition, their annual revenue was calculated at around $300 million dollars. Click here to see  more.

One of the areas that Nitin Khanna has been getting involved with in recent years is the medical and recreational marijuana industry. It’s estimated that the marijuana industry is worth an estimated $100 billion a year and up until now has largely been all black market transactions. While a lot of investors and entrepreneurs have been hesitant to get into the industry because of the laws on a federal level, some of the pioneers have already made fortunes by jumping in early. In 2015, Nitin Khanna first jumped into the marijuana industry by founded Cura Cannabis Solutions. This company is based out of Oregon and provides cannabis oil to both businesses involved in the creation of edibles as well as personal consumers in the state.

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