How Felipe Montoro Jens Works On Infrastructure and Lighting Developments in Brazil

As a Brazilian, Felipe Montoro is the Chief Executive Officer of EnergiparCaptacao S.A company. Besides, he works in various organizations as a CEO and chairman. During his service, he gained financial expertise that exposed him to financial strategies for corporations and individuals.

While at Santo Antonio Energia Company, he attained great knowledge as its director. He specializes in infrastructure and dealing with economic waste. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Felipe’s projects

Felipe Montoro engages with a Public-Private Partnership that tackles public lighting in his country. It is one of the projects conducted in 138 municipalities in Brazil. The Belo Horizonte is an improved version of modern lighting handled by the entrepreneur.

By 2020, he projects 182000 lighting points used in LED technology. Besides, he undertook Sao Paulo’s public-private partnership that deals with housing capital. Even though it will take six years to complete the project, it will be basic construction of 34,000 residential units.

The project will employ 100,000 individuals in 2023. As the CEO of Energispar, Felipe Montoro is a renowned financial specialist. He got his entrepreneurship skills from Santo Antonio Energia.

He is specialized to help state governments and cooperations maximize profits and reduce wastage of facilities. After attending Getulio Vargas Foundation School, he graduated with a degree in business.

The institution is famous in delivering quality education in the business sector. Due to Felipe’s desire for business, he furthered his education at a global management school in Arizona. Afterthat, he held various significant positions at famous companies like Enel and Pricehousewatercoopers.

With 25 years in international business, he helped to improve infrastructure projects. For instance, he provides cost-effective solutions to enhance the profitability of the institutions in competing with the business world.


Among the global companies, Felipe worked for include Braskam, Foz, and Atvosthat are widely involved in developing infrastructure in the world. The investor thinks that the Brazilian government should introduce investment technology in handling its economic waste.

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Nitin Khanna Invests In Tech And Cannabis

Nitin Khanna is an inspiration as a first-generation immigrant to the United States who has made it big as an entrepreneur and businessman. Nitin Khanna was born and raised in Ambala before immigrating to the United States after a highly-disciplined life. He is a graduate of Purdue University with both a Bachelors and a Masters degrees in Industrial Engineering. In India, he attended The Lawrence School and was the son of a Colonel in the Indian military.

Taking the right risks at the right time is the key to the success of Nitin Khanna  the businessman who founded MergerTech, an investment bank, in 2009.

MergerTech focuses on providing solutions for tech companies in their early stages of progress in order to help them reach their potential. One of the deals that Nitin Khanna recently took part it included a $5 million investment into the smart office solutions company iSos. Founded in 2016 in India, the company provides software-based solutions and now has an office in California as well.

Before founding MergerTech, Nitin Khanna had sold his government solutions software company Saber Corp to EDS in 2007 and stayed on with the company for a year as the leader of their government business operation. By the time that Nitin Khanna left Saber, the company employed around 1,500 people. In addition, their annual revenue was calculated at around $300 million dollars. Click here to see  more.

One of the areas that Nitin Khanna has been getting involved with in recent years is the medical and recreational marijuana industry. It’s estimated that the marijuana industry is worth an estimated $100 billion a year and up until now has largely been all black market transactions. While a lot of investors and entrepreneurs have been hesitant to get into the industry because of the laws on a federal level, some of the pioneers have already made fortunes by jumping in early. In 2015, Nitin Khanna first jumped into the marijuana industry by founded Cura Cannabis Solutions. This company is based out of Oregon and provides cannabis oil to both businesses involved in the creation of edibles as well as personal consumers in the state.

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Freedom Checks: The Many Reasons To Invest In MLPs

Matt Badiali shocked the world after explaining what Freedom Checks were. Master Limited Partnerships are the companies that have been paying these checks out since 1987. However, MLPs have been ignored by most investors because many don’t understand how the tax code benefits both these companies and their shareholders. MLPs are natural resource companies that transport or produce the resources domestically. These companies get generous tax treatment from the government if they earn their revenue here in the United States and pay Freedom Checks to their shareholders at least every three months.

MLPs can be some rather profitable investments. It is estimated that MLPs are going to be issuing a total of over $30 billion in Freedom Checks this year. Matt Badiali believes that MLPs will be paying out considerably higher payments in the future for several reasons. The United States is now a major oil producing country, thanks to using fracking technology. The Middle East is exporting much less oil to the United States than it did in the past. Mr. Badiali feels this will continue, as it is part of the United States’ goal to become energy independent. If the fracking boom continues, MLPs are going to be raking in even more profits, which will mean they will pay more money in the next few years.

Many people were rather confused at watching the ad Matt Badiali created where he tried to explain the benefits of Freedom Checks. A lot of individuals felt that this was a government-sponsored program that involved age restrictions, as well as income and wealth limitations. This is not the case because Freedom Checks are really just an investment. It involves buying shares in an MLP, and the distributions are the returns paid to the shareholders. There are individuals who are going to be receiving payments that far exceed any government benefits check. Those who may not have too much money will be happy to know that they can still participate in this investment strategy with as starting capital of $10. MLPs carry the same risks as typical stocks, but their returns can outperform them.

Shervin Pishevar Hurls Tweets Like Thunderbolts

Like Zeus hurling thunderbolts down from Mt. Olympus, super angel investor Shervin Pishevar recently spent 21 wild hours blasting out Tweets into the Twitterverse and many people trembled.

That’s because Mr. Pishevar unloaded on some of the biggest names in corporate high-tech. He took on Silicon Valley, leveled his shattering opinions on the likes of the stock market, Bitcoin and even the fundamentals of the American economy itself.

Shervin Pishevar has been one of the biggest names in investment in the high-tech sector during the past two decades. He started at age 23 when he developed WebOS, a groundbreaking company that was almost solely responsible for bringing on the age of cloud computing.

It would take a small book to list all of the successful projects Shervin Pishevar has backed and companies he has created or co-created. He invested in Airbnb, Uber, Uber Series-B and Munchery to name just a few. He was also the founder of Hyperloop One and co-founder of Sherpa Capital.

Because Shervin Pishevar is recognized around the world for his enormous contributions to cutting-edge company concept development, his Tweets take on the prowess of a virtual god. So what are some of the things he had to say in his recent thunderous Tweetstorm?

Well, Mr. Pishevar said that the stock market is wildly overvalued and a huge correction could take place soon. He opined that a plunge of some 6,000 points is possible.

He also mused that government regulators should consider breaking up giants like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and others. They’re just to large and powerful, Shervin Pishevar Tweeted.

Something else that is due to come down to size is Bitcoin, Shervin Pishevar said. It too is overvalued. He expects market forces to trim the cryptocurrency way down to a value of $2,000 to $5,000. It may stabilize at that level, however.

Flavio Maluf’s Contributions to Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur who was born in the year 1961 to the family of Paulo Maluf. Flavio was born and brought up from a political dynasty and wealthy family. Despite the fact that he was born to a rich and influential family, Flavio Maluf was determined to work hard in order to build his own empire and name. He got his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado. However, his passion for business made him chose to be a full-time entrepreneur. After working so hard in the world of entrepreneurship, he was given the opportunity to take over the leadership of his family business in the year 1997. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Flavio Maluf at Eucatex Group

The Eucatex Company  started as an idea of Maluf’s great grandfather who owned the biggest sawmill in Latin America. The idea was then expanded by his father and uncle in the late 1960s who decided to use the sawmill forests to start a wood fiber lining industry. The company is now dealing with the production of laminated and vinyl floors, skirting boards, paints, partitions, doors, and panels among other products. The company also deals with the production of goods such as beautiful furniture and toys. All these items are produced from eucalyptus which is a unique type of wood in Brazil. The company, Eucatex, also came from this type of wood which is mainly used by the company in producing all its goods.

All the building products that are produced by the company are used in the commercial and residential areas all over the country and also in other parts of the world. The materials that are produced by the Eucatex Company are also referred to as a way of showing improvement of an individual’s economic position in the country. Flavio Maluf has played a major role in ensuring that the company expands its market position and also increase its sales. Maluf believes that it takes hard work in order to make a company grow. He also believes in the essence of paying a lot of attention to creative ventures.

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Why Jeunesse is so Successful

Few companies in the world are growing as fast as Jeunesse. Jeunesse is a thriving company that sells cosmetic products in multiple countries. The company has expanded rapidly since it was founded. There are several reasons the company is so successful relative to the competition. Not only do the products last a long time, but the company has an excellent direct selling program that customers can join.


Why Direct Selling?

The direct selling program at Jeunesse has been a massive success so far. Many people are drawn to direct selling for various reasons. Direct selling allows people to earn additional income each month. Instead of investing capital in a new business idea, participants can earn income by selling Jeunesse products.


The best way to have success with direct sales is to advertise products regularly. The team at Jeunesse teaches people how to promote the products in the most effective way.




The marketing team at Jeunesse focuses on social media and online advertising. Instead of running traditional advertisements, Jeunesse pays customers to post about various products. With cosmetic products, most customers want to see how the products look before making a purchasing decision.


Financials of Jeunesse


Jeunesse is in a strong financial position. The company has minimal debt and a ton of cash. Some business experts speculate that Jeunesse will buy a smaller cosmetic company to continue growing. The leaders of Jeunesse want to maintain a strong financial position in the coming years.


Joining Jeunesse


Anyone who wants to have more control of their future should consider joining the direct selling program at Jeunesse. Jeunesse does everything possible to make new members successful. Some members of the program are earning thousands of dollars a month. This program is a critical aspect of the growth plans at Jeunesse.

Why More Israelis Are Staying In The United States Featuring Adam Milstein

Recently Newsweek ran an article titled “More Israelis Are Moving to the U.S.—and Staying for Good” that featured Adam Milstein as the chairman of the Israeli-American Council as well as many other prominent Israeli-Americans who have found a permanent home in the United States.


Recently the United States embassy moved their headquarters to Jerusalem, in a controversial move that was lauded by many Israelis. Also, Isreal celebrated its 70th birthday recently. One would think that Isreal would be an amazing place to live at the moment, but many people, like Adam Milstein and others, have moved to the United States in what is known as a great “brain drain”. Why is this happening?


It is tempting to think that the political turmoil in Isreal might be the reason, but that is only one small part of the puzzle. The cost of living in Isreal is really what’s doing it, with many Israelis like Adam Milstein and others flocking to big coastal cities in the United States. The high cost of living plus low wages make living in Isreal difficult for many people at the moment.


The data is staggering. According to “More Israelis Are Moving to the U.S.—and Staying for Good”, between 2006 and 2016 87,000 Israelis became U.S. Citizens. That is a massive increase from previous years and telling of a shift in culture. These are only people who became citizens, not tourists or people on student visas. If all of those people were counted the number would be much, much higher.


Although the United States has its problems, as Adam Milstein has written extensively about, it is also still known as a place for opportunity particularly in terms of its startup culture and ample jobs in Silicon Valley. Since many Israelis work in the tech field, this opportunity is lucrative and very alluring for them, so it is no wonder that they are flocking to Silicon Valley in droves. We can expect the influx of Israelis to increase as time goes on. Although Isreal has tried to stop its “brain drain“, the trend is not slowing.

Bernardo Chua, the King of Multi-Level Marketing

Bernardo Chua hails from the Philippines and is popularly known for his work with Gano Excel International, a Network Marketing Company specializing in fast-moving consumer goods. Chua helped the business to expand internationally by setting up shop in Hong Kong, the US, and Canada. After a brief successful run, the company received a letter from the FDA regarding manufacturing and claims that these products could cure diabetes and gout. Chua eventually left Gano Excel and founded ORGANO GOLD, a company that specializes in selling bioactive coffee products. His products also have Ganoderma, a type of polypore mushroom that thrives in the tropics and has bioremediation properties. Ganoderma is a staple in traditional medicine in Asia and is now gaining popularity the world over. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

Similar to Gano’s multilevel marketing, ORGANO GOLD sells its wide-range of consumables through multilevel marketers in bulk volumes. Wholesalers or distributors then sell to consumers at suggested retail prices per region. His company is now trademarked as ORGANO. Chuo has enjoyed massive success over the years and he is now recognized among the leading pack the direct selling industry. In 2013, Organo Gold took the 55th spot on Direct Selling News Top 100 list of huge networking marketing companies globally. Another significant accolade is the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry which was bestowed to him in 2004.

So far, there has been extensive press coverage regarding the numerous benefits of Organo Gold’s products like this piece. Primary benefits include alleviating stress, combating cancer-bringing radicals, boosting concentration, healing ailments like bronchitis and asthma, and managing blood pressure.

Known as the most victorious businessman in the Pacific Rim, Bernardo Chua is keen to maintain a strong social media presence operating Facebook and Twitter accounts. A quick glance at these platforms, the company just celebrated ten years in the business, and there are many promotional posts for the company’s products. There are also shout-outs to winners of promotional campaigns to boost sales. He is also available to chat directly with consumers and mentor distributors through his Facebook account. Presently, the company boasts of a burgeoning network of over one million distributors across the world. Read more:


Felipe Montore Jens is the Go To Guy for Infrastructure

The city of Mendoza in Argentina became very popular on March 24th. The city Just happened to be the location that was chosen to host the Special Meeting of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). A huge topic of discussion was the trend of private investments in infrastructure projects in Brazil. Minister of Planning, Dyogo Oliveira, strongly defended the increase calling them necessary. He pointed out that the private investments would be able to be leveraged if there were financial guarantee mechanisms in place. Though Dyogo may have been the main supporter of private investments in infrastructure projects in Brazil he was not the only individual who felt the private investments would lead to economic improvement in the country. Luis Caputo, Argentina’s finance minister, concurred with his plan of leveraging private investments. View to know more.

Dyogo also voiced his opinion about the need for new investments geared toward modern infrastructure. He believes investing in modern infrastructure will promote a fourth industrial revolution. The President of IDB thinks the plan is solid as long as there is a strong connection between countries. Each country needs to invest more funds into the project if they want it to work out the way they intend.

The Brazilian government is also doing its part to foster economic and social growth. The way the government has been handling it infrastructure and financing is on par with other, more stable countries in Latin America. The countries participation in multilateral agencies is another great action the country is taking.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens specializes in infrastructure. His expertise includes economic waste, and coming up with ways state governments can become more efficient and save money. He recently worked with the local government of São Paulo on a project that will provide more affordable housing in the large city.

Projects like these are why Felipe Montore Jens is a business magnate in Brazil. He’s had his hand in so many things that has improved the country as a whole over the years. He is a master of his craft as he has been doing it for more than 20 years.

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Flavio Maluf Talks about the Benefits of the New Tax Incentives for New Businesses in Brazil

Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex and has helped the company grow considerably ever since he joined it. He was first assigned to the industrial area of the company but was later called upon to join the company as one of its head. It was later after the conformations of all other present executives were he made the President of the Eucatex. Recently the company has acquired another farm that would be turned into a production place. It will help the company increase its materials production so that they can expand their business throughout the world. Learn more at about Flavio Maluf

Brazil’s economy has grown considerably in the past decade. More companies are setting up their offices in Brazil, but there is one problem of high tax that the entrepreneur has to pay to the government for setting up their company. But, according to Flavio Maluf, there are some of the things that can be done to remove the burden of high taxes on such businesses. The government is considering applying Fiscal Incentive Laws that would allow the company to pay forward to Brazil in different ways such as health programs, technology advancement, and scientific research in the country without having to pay the taxes directly to the government. The new suggestive law has been designed with the development of the company in mind and also to bring in new businesses to the country.

Flavio Maluf has been doing business in Brazil for long and understands that the new tax cut would ensure that the tax money by new businesses is being used properly. He also added that the new law would help companies create a better image of themselves in the world. In addition to these, certain regions allow companies tax incentives if they settle in certain regions. The Manaus Free Zone was set up in 1957 and has attracted many businesses from around the world to set up businesses in Brazil because of the great savings that they are able to make. Flavio Maluf is an expert on business in Brazil and has provided his expert opinion to new entrepreneurs in the country.