Waiakea Water, Nature’s Best from Hawaii

This environment-conscious water company was established in 2012 by Ryan Emmons. The Hawaiian founder borrowed from the tradition of his fellow countrymen to care for the people, land and the environment instead of only creating wealth. Its name merely means broad waters in the native language of the great Hawaii people.

The foundation of the company is positivity. It distributes healthy water for sale, and every liter sold, they donate enough water for a week’s use in Malawi. Waiakea is a charitable firm has initiated a partnership with Pump Aid through which they give clean water. It has developed a habit of caring for the environment in its productions as opposed to many companies in the same industry. Their policy is to consider environmental and social effects as intimately as its financial growth.

While many companies support eco-friendly campaigns but not practice the same, Waiakea operates on a framework that ensures sustainable production that doesn’t damage the ecosystem. While other companies take up the task to protect the environment due to social pressure, this water company has it among its core values. For instance, their water is packaged in plastic bottles made of entirely recycled polyethylene which uses minimal energy to create and emit very little carbon, and their delivery vehicles have low-emissions.

Hawaii people are known widely probably for their belief to conserve the earth around them. The fact that Waiakea water is bottled there could be a reason for it to stand out especially for anyone looking for naturally pure water. Apart from the name that has touched their culture; the bottled water is filtered through volcanic rocks whose length is 14,000 feet in Mauna Loa volcano.

It is unbelievable that some countries dump all their plastic waste into the ocean while others recycle only a fraction of them. The company is proud to announce its production of an absolutely degradable container for the first time in the world. Its advances to protect the environment, the volcanic water and having it from Hawaii could be why it overshadows other water companies in the market.