Rick Cofer Believes More Is Needed To Make A Difference

The City Council Is Focused On Making A Change

Ideas are swarming throughout the Parks and Recreation Recycling Task Force regarding ways to cover the cost of recycling throughout the Austin area. The task force was approved by the Austin City Council back in June to help with the city’s Zero Waste Plan. The plan was accepted in 2009 and was created to make a 90 percent reduction in landfill waste by the year 2040. Even though the city has already created programs with a focus on waste reduction, city officials want to offer additional recycling and compost choices at the parks.


Rick Cofer is a chairman of the task force. He feels that the choices available today are inefficient. He says although there are a few parks and other places offering to recycle, the vast majority of the parks in Austin don’t have anything for recycling. He feels that if the city is committing to recycling, it needs to commit fully. There are two plans to choose from that have been created by the task force, labeled Option A and Option B.


Option A includes a single year plan that costs over $1.3 million. The city’s budget, donors and a 31 cent clean community fee charged monthly, would cover the bill.


Option B takes place over two years and costs about $802,500. The sources to cover the bill would be the same but the monthly clean community fee would increase by no more than 16 cents.


One of the task force members Kaiba White mentioned the force is strongly considering Option B. She says besides the cost there are other possible setbacks that could make this process take longer than a year. There hasn’t been any real planning done, and that is a necessity.


Either plan would include the purchase of 800 more receptacles and 900 signs covering all Parks and Recreation locations. There would also be a program coordinator, grounds specialist, educational material for the public, temporary staff, and consistent pickups and hauling services.


About Rick Cofer

Rick Cofer spent several years as a defense attorney and prosecutor. This year, he finally opened his own firm, The Law Office of Rick Cofer. He focuses on various subjects from DWI, family violence, drug possession, and juvenile charges. Besides being a busy attorney, Rick is also very active in the Austin Community. He holds leadership positions in several community organizations, supporting the environment, children, and homeless citizens.