How Fabletics is Marketing Their Winning Athletic Brand on Amazon Now

Just when it appears that the rise of the winning athletic brand named Fabletics couldn’t get any higher, the company pulled another impressive business move. Now, Fabletics is currently marketing their gorgeous clothes on Amazon. This very busy online marketing platform offers brisk sales on a huge selection of items. The marketing company reflects that around 15% or more of everyday sales is due to women’s clothes. Fabletics sees an opportunity to sell their fashions to more women unfamiliar with these wonderful activewear designs. The sharp business techniques of fabulous actress Kate Hudson are proving to be highly effective and ultimately successful.


While Kate has achieved high recognition and almost a worldwide name in television and movies, she has laughed that she is more famous for her endorsement and marketing of Fabletics collections. This brand has captured a huge market of women desiring high end activewear choices that don’t break the bank. Fabletics delivers with amazing brilliance just what its customers ask for. Kate Hudson is seen as a maverick in this new venture of women’s clothing design and marketing. Her accustomed taste for finer quality fashions is enabling her to create new styles of activewear garments that have women scrambling to buy them.


Customers can easily find these impressive and vibrantly colored clothes in Fabletics physical store locations, on their always open and easy-to-shop online website store and now via Amazon as well. These affordable outfits feel astonishingly comfy, and the clothes look spectacular all throughout a woman’s hectic day. Many ladies prefer to wear these chic fashions around their town for incredible clothing pick ease. Women can dress comfortably for a gym workout, and then can remain in the outfit to get errands run, pick up their kids after school and to take their pooch for a long and fast-paced walk in a nearby park.


Add the amazingly accurate Lifestyle Quiz challenge, and Fabletics customers are sold. This little exercise can reveal a lady’s worst shopping issues with clothing picks. The seer-like answers detail just what Fabletics outfit choices would look amazing on their individualized figures and color palette choices. Additionally, the quiz reveals which type of clothing cuts and kinds of styles look best on each customer. The answers are created by a smart computer program that can access customer shopping habits in the past, decipher customer question input and come up with fun recommendations in fashion.

The Entrepreneurial Journey of Arthur Becker

As of 2012 to the year 2015, Arthur Becker was the CEO and Chairman of Zinio LLC, the world’s biggest digital newsstand. Arthur served as the CEO at NaviSite, before joining Zinio, which was then one of the companies’s quoted by NASDAQ to provide hosting services, business colocation, and internet tech services with the UK and the US as of 2000 to 2010. Navisite has offices in India, UK, and the US. The Company worked tirelessly to provide the best data hosting centre alongside some Cloud-Based App management to their enterprise clients. Before this, Arthur was in Vera Wang Fashion where he was the senior advisor for seven years till 2011.

In an article on The Real Deal, Arthur is currently Madison Partner’s managing member. Madison Partners LLC is an investment company that aims to thrive in early stages of Bio-Tech ventures as well as real estate. While working at Zinio and NaviSite, Arthur became entangled in the real estate and technology realms. Upon selling NaviSite to Time Warner in 2011, he started chasing his real estate interests, and he did this by investing in a condominium development in Florida, NY, and Miami. From a young age, Arthur was introduced to a few early stage biotechnology companies and was impressed by the constantly shifting paradigms in the field. Also, Arthur was impressed by the combining of financial opportunities and the chance to have a great impact on other people’s lives. This was what how the idea to create Madison Partners LLC was birthed.

Mr. Becker also notes that he is most productive when he is working alongside people he has respect for, be it in the fields of technology or real estate. Arthur says that he is most effective when he organizes and coordinates experts’ jobs. For instance, he is widely involved in the field of cancer treatment despite that he has no medical interest. As an entrepreneur, his biggest challenge has been to balance between his passion and drive with his critical thinking.

He has ventured into many businesses over the years and has learned through failure to avoid similar failures in future. Arthur acknowledges that his ability to evaluate and assist in management development is critical. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

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