Why Madison Street Capital Believes Emerging Markets Are The Future

Silicon Valley and Wall Street are not the only regions or business districts that are seeing growth and that are rising to prominence in their respective economies. The California-based tech community in Silicon Valley has grown to global prominence for being the birthplace or chosen home of tech companies that have produced goods, services and software that have shaped the global marketplace in ways that often feel irrevocable. The region is home to companies such as the sprawling social networking website Facebook that was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and the globally prominent search engine Google. New York City is also home to many of the nation’s largest financial institutions and hosts offices for organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase. While Wall Street and Silicon Valley no doubt play a crucial role in an international marketplace that is increasingly dynamic and permeable, there are other countries with financial sectors and business communities of their own that are showing exciting growth and that present the circumstances for exciting partnerships and developments that may not be available in markets across Europe and the United States.


Madison Street Capital, a firm that is located in Illinois has positioned itself to be one of the leading authorities on the opportunities for partnerships and investment that exist in emerging markets. Madison Street Capital has long understood that the success of the traditional financial centers is not singular. The boutique investment management company has offices in West Africa and Southeast Asia which places it in proximity to emerging markets with big potential such as Nigeria, a populous West African industry that has a large number of consumers who would likely be interested in purchasing goods that were produced by local businesses or that were produced overseas and introduced into the Nigerian market through efficient supply chains that depended on local partners. There is also a growing tech industry in African countries such as South Africa and Kenya in addition to countries in Asia such as India. Tech entrepreneurs in these markets could produce software and digital products that could speak to local consumers in ways that products that are created outside of the market simply cannot. Many of these entrepreneurs might be interested in investments or acquisitions which can be facilitated by companies such as Madison Street Capital.


Madison Street Capital has also received the honor of being celebrated for leading one of the best debt financing deals of the year in 2017 at The Annual M&A Advisor Awards. According to the Chief Executive Officer and President of The M&A Advisor Madison Street Capital was chosen to receive the top honor for debt financing deals from among hundreds of its peers. The M&A Advisor’s decision to award Madison Street Capital with this award proves that Madison Street Capital has a reputation for high quality work.


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