How Felipe Montoro Jens Works On Infrastructure and Lighting Developments in Brazil

As a Brazilian, Felipe Montoro is the Chief Executive Officer of EnergiparCaptacao S.A company. Besides, he works in various organizations as a CEO and chairman. During his service, he gained financial expertise that exposed him to financial strategies for corporations and individuals.

While at Santo Antonio Energia Company, he attained great knowledge as its director. He specializes in infrastructure and dealing with economic waste. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Felipe’s projects

Felipe Montoro engages with a Public-Private Partnership that tackles public lighting in his country. It is one of the projects conducted in 138 municipalities in Brazil. The Belo Horizonte is an improved version of modern lighting handled by the entrepreneur.

By 2020, he projects 182000 lighting points used in LED technology. Besides, he undertook Sao Paulo’s public-private partnership that deals with housing capital. Even though it will take six years to complete the project, it will be basic construction of 34,000 residential units.

The project will employ 100,000 individuals in 2023. As the CEO of Energispar, Felipe Montoro is a renowned financial specialist. He got his entrepreneurship skills from Santo Antonio Energia.

He is specialized to help state governments and cooperations maximize profits and reduce wastage of facilities. After attending Getulio Vargas Foundation School, he graduated with a degree in business.

The institution is famous in delivering quality education in the business sector. Due to Felipe’s desire for business, he furthered his education at a global management school in Arizona. Afterthat, he held various significant positions at famous companies like Enel and Pricehousewatercoopers.

With 25 years in international business, he helped to improve infrastructure projects. For instance, he provides cost-effective solutions to enhance the profitability of the institutions in competing with the business world.


Among the global companies, Felipe worked for include Braskam, Foz, and Atvosthat are widely involved in developing infrastructure in the world. The investor thinks that the Brazilian government should introduce investment technology in handling its economic waste.

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Ted Bauman Gives Insights to Investors on How They can Protect Their Investments

Ted Bauman is an accomplished investment advisor and author. Bauman is committed to helping ordinary Americans gain financial independence. Bauman spent his childhood in the US but later relocated to South Africa where he continued with his education and began his career. Bauman is an alma mater of the University of Cape Town. Bauman worked in South Africa for over two decades and after that relocated back to the US. In 2013 he joined Banyan Publishing where he authors an investment newsletter going by the name Bauman’s Letter.

In one of his letters, Ted Bauman gives insights to investors on how they can protect their investments. According to Bauman, one sure way through which an investor can lose all his investments is by avoiding creating a protective investment plan. There is no sure way through which one can a hundred percent protect his or her investment however with good common sense strategy an individual can be able to protect an investment portfolio. Bauman is a firm believer of the gains that can be achieved through asset protection. According to Ted Bauman low-risk investment strategy is one sure way of guarding your investment. Investors should not be in a rush of getting huge gains in a short time but should instead create a defensive mechanism that will eventually win. According to Bauman, the lucky investors do make immense overnight profits from risky ventures however most of the time risky ventures lead to massive losses. Successful investors do take their time and make long-term low-risk investments that in the end earn them substantial profits.

The other way through which investors can protect their wealth according to Ted Bauman is by investing in bonds. Many investors have no idea what bonds, dividends or bonds markets are and as a result, they do not invest in them. Bonds going by history are known to be very safe as compared to stocks. Investors who make Bond investments rely on dividends as their returns as opposed to waiting for stock market gains or losses. Investors can make huge profits investing in stocks that offer attractive bonuses. However, bonds are less risky as compared to stocks. According to Bauman, it is uncommon for bonds to drop by 50 percent or more overnight but it is quite common when it comes to stocks.

The Path of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant was born in France in 1953. Most of his formative years were spent there, but his family moved to South Africa when he was 14. There he excelled in playing various sports and chess. After graduating high school in 1972 he began studying engineering, computer science, and applied mathematics at Witwatersrand University. He never completed his studies here but instead started working at an engineering firm known as Matrix. Here Serge Belamant has develop software for IBM computers. He was later made the head of the computer department of Center for Scientific and Industrial Project (CSIR).

Here he led in the development of graphics interfaces, digital mapping, and road network analysis. He was later joined the team of supercomputer manufacturer, Control Data. He eventually became the head analyst for ESKOM (national grid supplier). After being named analyst of the year in 1980, he was trained to run the COBRA system for the RSA military. In 1982 he joined DATABANK and created the first scientifically driven financial system. There Serge Belamant developed a groundbreaking 10-step program to analyze risk for Bancorp.In 1989, Serge Belamant conceptualized the world’s first RSA POS system.

It was at this time that he started his own business, which he called Net1. Net1 purchased and absorbed Cash Paymaster Services in 1999. This was a company that delivered grants to South Africans. Since the 90s Net1 has signed partnership deals in Namibia, Botswana, Burundi, Russia, Ghana, and Iraq. By 2017, he was both Net1’s Chairman and CEO. During that same year he also became a business consultant.Net1 Technologies is the recognized creator and developer of blockchain technology. The company first used its patented for their smart which is compatible with Europay MasterCard Visa. It had the capability of working both online and offline without the need of a centralized computer.

Why Sandy Chin Believes Mentorship is Crucial to Making it in Life Faster

Sandy Chin has 20 years experience in the trading of consumer staple equities. It is the reason she has become an expert in portfolio management. Sandy invented Tidal Bore Capital in 2016, which is a hedge fund that focuses on the management of bottom-up portfolios


Sandy has worked in various investment companies such as Sac Capital Management, Visium Asset Management, Moore Capital management, and Neuberger Berman. She served various position in these companies. Sandy has also been a sell-side employee of Lufkin & Jenrette, Bank of America and Donaldson. She is a holder of an MBA and BA in political science.


Sandy met her mentor Bill Leach at Lufkin & Jenrette from whom she collaborated with and learned from for ten years. As a top ranking analyst, Bill helped her to learn on valuing staple stocks, questioning management companies and recognizing the pattern by listening to a person’s answers and studying their body language. Bill did so by allowing her to accompany him to meetings and conferences. Sandy had a unique relationship with Bill because he would teach her in real time and at the same time, he kept her on the desk to work on the models


Bill has on severally occasions helped Sandy in overcoming significant hardships in her journey. He helped her in keeping her priorities in check during the time she was opening her own sector while attending part-time classes at the New York University. He assisted Sandy in getting promotions during this time while still meeting her academic goals.


Among the lessons that Sandy has learned from her mentor is not to turn any meeting down because it might offer insight that could have a significant impact on your position. She also learned never to borrow a model from the sell-side, instead, one should build their own on a quarterly and annual basis. Another lesson is to get into the habit of asking questions during meeting, conferences and investor days as a strategy for building relationships with analysts and management. Lastly, she learned the importance of personally investing in stocks to experience how they can move from a disappointing position.


Sandy recommends for the new associates to seek out mentors when entering the field because mentors can share the invaluable wisdom they cannot get anywhere else. She has been a mentor to as assistant and helped her succeed and currently working as an analyst at CBS. Her advice to associates is to never stop asking for more from their mentors, whenever they can.


Matt Badiali Expert Investment Consultant Shares Useful Tips with Readers

One of the prominent names in the world of natural resources is Matt Badiali, who has gained popularity through his writings on the many newsletters published by Banyan Hill Publishing. As a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali wants to spread awareness about how much the investments in the natural resources sector can be profitable in due course. Many people who have invested in natural resources, oil and mining, agricultural companies, and more, have profited considerably over the years. He wants that the common people also earn such profits by investing in this sector, which is growing at a massive pace in the past few years. However, he also advises people against putting all their investments in the same sector. Follow Matt on Facebook.

Matt Badiali is leading hydrology, agricultural, oil and mining, and natural resources expert. His expertise has helped numerous companies profit from this sector by making timely investments as well as pulling out investments at the right time. The work of Matt Badiali has taken him across the globe, primarily because he is not a man who would sit in a comfortable office and keep publishing financial reports. He believes that it is essential for the experts to travel and observe the sectors of their interest closely to be able to know what is actually going on in the field. There are many companies out there that are looking good from the outside, but inside are hollow financially and are struggling to keep afloat. Traveling and witnessing the industry firsthand has also helped him to gain considerable experience in working with different industry experts and natural resources companies.

During his long career spanning over two decades, Matt Badiali has worked with many natural resources companies, including being a consultant to the environment company and in the capacity of a geologist to a drilling company. He has also taught geology at the Duke University and the famous North Carolina University. He has also got the opportunity to meet and discuss the natural resources sector with some of the top personalities related to oil and drilling and natural resources sector, including Ross Beaty, T. Boone Pickens, and Rick Rule. Meeting with such big personalities has helped him gain deep insights into the functioning of the natural resources sector, and what the investors should look into before investing their hard-earned money. He feels that by joining Banyan Hill Publishing, he would be able to help people understand the dynamics of natural resources sector more clearly. Read more:

Christopher Linkas: Take Risks When You’re Young, But Diversify Too

What is the key to a good retirement? According to financial expert Christopher Linkas, the secret to a good retirement lies in starting to invest for retirement while you are still young.


Now, it is true that most people who are young are totally not thinking of planning for retirement. Most people start thinking about it in their forties or even only in their fifties. At that point, they realize that they do not have a solid and proven plan for how they are going to be financially secure during retirement, and so they start frantically searching for ways to save up a large amount of money in just a short time. Of course, they are often not successful and end up having to rely on the small checks that they get through social security.


Instead of waiting that long and then dealing with the anxiety of not being prepared for retirement, Christopher Linkas recommends that you start investing while you are still young. There are just so many advantages of investing while you’re young.


The first advantage is that you can earn a lot of extra money through what is known as compound interest. Through compound interest, you can turn small investments into large investments over the course of a few decades, without even investing more money into it. Even if you get just a five percent return on your investment, you can turn ten thousand dollars to seventy thousand dollars over the course of forty years. In reality, however, you will often earn a lot more than a five percent return on investment, as long as the economy is doing well and you are investing in a diverse set of stocks.


Christopher Linkas says that other advantages of being young include being able to take on more risk and having the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. The thing with being young is that even if you do take on risks and lose money because of your mistakes, you can still land on your feet again, as opposed to when you are older.