Daniel Taub on the status of Israel- U.K relations

One of Daniel Taub’s role as the ambassador of Israeli to the Court of James, United Kingdom was to represent and advocate for his countries interests in the United Kingdom. U.K. is a global center for many operations, be it business or media, anything that affects London will definitely reach the whole world. So, when Daniel Taub was appointed to represent his country in London, this was an opportunity for him to address the issues of Israeli on a global platform.

One of his responsibilities was to put his government’s case to the U.K during times of crises that pitted Israel and her neighbors. He also went to discuss the issues that were affecting Israel in British media which have a global coverage.

Daniel was part of particular media programs such as Newsnight and Today. He also was involved in panels that discussed trade between the two countries as well as educational cooperation between the two.

According to Daniel Taub, there were many areas of interests where both countries were involved in joint research. He quoted education as one of the areas where the two countries were involved in joint research cooperation.

He describes the situation between the two countries as quiet strategic cooperation. There was no tug of war between the two countries on any issues that were of interest. The two countries had a way of addressing their issues diplomatically. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Daniel Taub at the end of his tenure said that he felt delighted that during his tenure the partnership between the two countries had been at best ever. He left the relations between the two very stable and in a way that there would be continued sustenance going forward.

To Israeli, Britain is not just another partner; it is one of the countries in the world which is very developed and an opinion shaper on various global issues. In the whole of European, Britain remains a partner with so much capability in helping Israel push for peace restoration in the Middle East region.

Daniel Taub was a special kind of envoy to the United Kingdom. He was born and grew up in the United Kingdom. He moved to Israel later in life after he completed his education at London College and the Harvard. He moved to Israel in 1989. His first duty was to serve in the Israeli Defence Forces as a medic officer as well as a reserve law officer.

Daniel Taub is highly educated on the topic of international law. He has been a peace negotiator in various crises pitting Israel and her neighbors.