Vijay Eswaran Provides A Personal Touch In His Entrepreneurship

He is the founder of this conglomerate. It has a presence in a number of sectors. The sectors include direct selling as well as retail along with financial services. There are other sectors too. These include education as well as hospitality. Its flagship subsidiary is QNET. This group of companies was established in 1998. The company today has its offices even in the UAE.

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman. He has managed to merge the traditional methods of selling with the e-commerce business model which is so prevalent today. He has a company that has people who are experienced in direct sales. He has made use of the Internet in order to ensure its global reach. This way the company is making the best use of both the worlds.

He knows that the direct selling model is a well-tried method. He has merged this with the e-commerce platform and used it for his company called QNET.

Vijay Eswaran discussed with his partners about what they should sell so that they can be set apart from the crowd! They decided on numismatics and the precious metals model. All this was decided on the basis of the strategies in the European market which were thriving during that time.

The next step was to procure the rights, as they decided to sell the 1998 commemorative coins. These were for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. They were for Asian Pacific Rim. Vijay Eswaran was well aware that they were already quite late. They were now entering a market in which the sales had already been going on for nearly two years. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

So the time for selling as well as competing was very less for them. In fact, even the competitors were amused as they felt that this company will not be able to compete in an effective manner in this difficult market. This was when Vijay Eswaran managed to prove everyone wrong as his company managed to be at the third position among the 42 distributors in 2002, as per the sales volume.

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