Life Line Screening Helps People Identify Potential Health Problems

Life Line Screening is a company that performs a health screening for people to give possible results that may alert them to chronic health issues that they might have. Any results from Life Line Screening are designed to be shared by the individual’s physician.

There are three different types of screening tests that are given by Life Line Screening. One is an ultrasound screening test that allows a visual depiction of the organs at the site of the test. This can give medical personnel a look at what is going on inside the body of a person in real time. Ultrasound is a painless, non-invasive way to learn in real-time how organs look and act.

A blood test is another type of test that is given by a small pin prick in the fatty portion of a person’s finger. The droplet of blood that is derived from the test can be turned into a full and complete blood panel that shows cholesterol readings such as total cholesterol, and the levels of the high-level cholesterol and the low cholesterol. It can also indicate glucose levels, high sensitivity CC-reactive proteins which can be an indicator of cardiovascular disease. Elevated liver enzymes can also be detected.

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A limited electrocardiograph or an EKG is the third test that can be given. This can detect atrial fibrillation or “A-fib” which is an irregular heartbeat. This condition is prone to cause many small clots as the blood is not sent out of the heart on a regular basis.

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Life Line Screening is typically performed in a business setting with employees arranging meeting times by their work schedules. A company screening can help management to identify the board health issues that can be addressed by company sponsored programs designed to help employees in diet and exercise, along with other measures in this particular area. Companies can install a gym or workout facilities and offer special dieting measures for employees.

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