George Soros Returns to Politics in Encouraging Fashion

The 2016 Presidential Election saw an almost HBO like storyline come to life off screen. Hillary Clinton, a lifelong politician who is as trained as anyone, took up against the Republican nominee — a crass reality show star with no experience in government at all. The hateful rhetoric of Donald Trump was caused for concern for many Americans and it was the single greatest reason that billionaire George Soros re-entered the political machine. George Soros is a billionaire investor who also runs one of the biggest charities in the world. Soros has become something of the trademark villain to many conservatives due to his progressive nature and his willingness to fight for progressive causes. Now, Soros is back and he is ready to make life difficult for Trump and his agenda.

Soros had mostly been resigned to watching the political machinations of Washington D.C. from afar, at least ever since his work alongside Al Gore back in 2004. Soros was jaded by money being spent in Washington but he knew how important it was for good candidates to be propped up by backers who could see their vision come to fruition. So, Soros returned once more in order to support Hillary Clinton for President along with all of the progressives on the ticket. His reason for returning to the forefront of billionaire liberal donor was simple: Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric and appalling nationalism had raised the political stakes higher than anyone could have imagined.

We would see George Soros gamely plop down nearly $25 million across the board in order to help fund progressives during the 2016 season. While Clinton would fall short, Soros’ return bodes well for progressives in America. With Soros working hand in hand alongside other elite donors it finally seems like the Democrats have a counter punch to the Koch Brothers nearly unlimited money machine. Still, Soros isn’t just here to throw punches in politics. Soros is here because he is an activist who believes in the just cause no matter how unpopular it may be. Learn more about George at Biography.

The Open Society Foundations is George Soros’ flagship program. He uses the foundation in order to spread social justice, education, progressive values and aid to countries all around the globe. Soros also believes in helping to cultivate grassroots activism here at home in America. His Foundation gave nearly $33 million to activist groups in the Ferguson area leading up to the fatal Michael Brown shooting. These donations helped to personally get the Ferguson Protests up and running, allowing activists to march for what was important to them. George Soros believes that political action is important down to the smallest of individuals. It is clear that the Open Society Foundations is a mirror of this fact. Learn more about his profile at

Jim Tananbaum Backs Mindstrong Health: Using Smartphones To Assess Mental Health

Jim Tananbaum is well known for his well informed decisions when it comes to investing in healthcare start-ups. He has his MD from Harvard Medical School as well as a MBA from Harvard Business School. He has landed on the Forbes Midas list for the past three years due to his success with healthcare investing, and as CEO of Foresite Capital he has supported the healthcare products and services that have transformed treatment options for many people. In a recent move, Tananbaum and Foresite Capital contributed backing to the Series A round of funding for start up Minstrong Health.

Mindstrong Health is a company that proposes a way to fill a gap in the healthcare landscape. In a report by Market Wired, Mindstrong founders saw that there was a lack of objective data available regarding mental health patients. They paired this observation with the idea that Smartphones are becoming more and more possible. Why not use the Smartphone as a device that collects data? The innovative leaders at Mindstrong actually figured out a way to take the data provided when a person uses their Smartphone, related to swipes and typing style, and translate that into data about mental health.

In an interview by Ideamensch, Jim Tananbaum said that he has recognized that the product has potential. He confirmed that there is a great challenge in modern health when it comes to objectively assessing a person;s mental health status. This provides a real roadblock when it comes to diagnosing and treating mental disorders. Other chronic diseases use objective data in order to diagnose and form treatment plans.

When a patient has heart disease or diabetes, for example, a patient and their provider can measure and discuss specific numbers. But with mental health, there was always a gray area of subjective input and unclear measurements. Tananbaum, with his background in medicine, sees great value in Mindstrong’s proposed solution to a global problem. He stated, “Mindstrong’s technology delivers continuous, objective measures of behavior and cognition at a level of resolution and insight that has never been possible.”

In addition to being the CEO of Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum serves as the director of California Life Sciences Association. He founded Foresite Capital in 2011.

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How Mike Baur Is Leading Switzerland’s Startup Community

Silicon Valley in the United States is far from being the only hotspot on the planet for the tech industry. There are other places in the United States such as New York City’s aptly named Silicon Alley and Las Vegas’ Silicon Strip that are bringing together software engineers and entrepreneurs with big ideas to help bring the tech world’s next big thing into fruition. Startup scenes in other countries are also hard at work cultivating the next generation of tech companies that will make life more efficient and less complicated for consumers everywhere. While most people might think of Switzerland as a country that is known for having idyllic landscapes dotted with mountains, superb chocolate and being the host to many international organizations it turns out that the small country is also home to its own burgeoning startup sector. There are many Swiss entrepreneurs and engineers who are starting new companies and imagining new technologies. Swiss banker and entrepreneur Mike Baur is one of them.


Mike Baur got his start in the world of business by launching his career in a much more traditional industry than technology: banking. He studied business and finance at the Bern University of Economics and Administration and later went on to work at the Swiss bank UBS for many years. From there he worked at other financial institutions like Clariden Bank and Sallfort Bank and took time to study for a dual Masters of Business Administration at the University of Bern and the University of Rochester in New York City.


One of the most well-documented struggles that afflicts many entrepreneurs in the startup community is the struggle to find a viable business model for their startup. While many startups have strong concepts and slick branding it is very common for their founders to choose to iterate themselves into a business model versus laying out the specifics of a monetization plan before launching their businesses or pitching their businesses to potential investors. What sets Mike Baur apart from other entrepreneurs in the startup world is the two decades that he spent in the worlds of finance and banking. That experience combined with his graduate level training has given him the expertise to be an effective leader in Switzerland’s growing startup community.


Mike Baur is becoming a staple in Switzerland’s startup scene and has the potential to leverage his experience working in an industry that involved financing to help other Swiss entrepreneurs get access to the capital that they need to launch and grow their businesses.



NewSQL from NuoDB

Technology never fails to impress in the modern age and this evidenced further by the tech of NuoDB. NuoDB holds a patented technology by the name of elasticity scalable cloud database. This tech developed by Jim Starkey who is also the CEO of NuoDB is in use by big companies such as the UAE Exchange, Kodiak, Dassault Systemes and Alfa Systems. NuoDb was founded in the year 2008 in Cambridge Massachusetts. If you are familiar with a company from years past by the name of NimbusDB then you are already familiar with NuoDB because NimbusDB changed their name to NuoDB in the year 2011 to market their tech in a new way.

In the year 2014 the company was awarded the title of innovation all star by the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech. These are two big time names to be awarded by. To date the company has amassed over 60 million dollars in through many round of funding and likely has garnered more income since that time.

NuoDB utilizes it’s patented technology to spread new servers throughout a cloud based infrastructure to run more efficiently and faster. It is often also referred to as NewSQL and is SQL compliant.

Cloud Database Company: NuoDB

NuoDB is a cloud database company in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is widely known within its industry for its patent for “elastically scalable database” that became official on July 17, 2012, which granted them $12 million in venture capital. NuoDB’s innovative way of business allows them to cut costs in data compiling making for a larger profit margin with the limited space that is in the memory banks of the cloud. With new applications, one of the toughest aspects is when your app becomes more popular and widely used that it cannot keep up the traffic that is bombarding the app constantly. So, NuoDB came up with a more versatile method to keep the SQL database less likely to crash from when a large audience wishes to partake in its use or services. NuoDB provides this simple approach to their clients and continues to lead the way in this niche industry.

The Oslo Freedom Forum Continues To Honor Human Rights Success

The human rights community is not one where prizes are often sought or given, but the Oslo Freedom Forum has recently announced the winners of its annual Havel Prize for Creative Dissent that is usually given to the winners during this Norway based event.

Given by the Human Rights Foundation that organizes the annual Oslo Freedom Forum the group has this year named Zimbabwean playwright Silvanos Mudzvova, Bahrani poet Aayat Alqormozi, and the Venezuelan satire based art project El Chiguire Bipolar as the three winners of a prize that has become a rival to the Nobel Peace Prize given in the same hotel ballroom in Oslo, Norway each year.

This is just one aspect of the work of the Oslo Freedom Forum and the Human Rights Foundation that has been at the heart of the growth of human rights activism seen in the younger generation in the world over the last few years. The Oslo Freedom Forum brings together a range of individuals under the directorship of founder Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation President Gary Kasparov; the award itself is named for the former President of the Global Council of the Human Rights Foundation Vaclav Havel who passed away in 2011 and is remembered as a political activist and playwright.

Human rights groups are playing a key role ikn the lives of people around the world who are seeing their rights abused by government agencies and agents at a fast rate in many different and diverse cultures. In the U.S. the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is making inroads into the problems being seen by many minority groups along the U.S. Mexican border; the issues facing those who are in the U.S., both legally and illegally, have been taken up by the Frontera Fund as it seeks to protect the voting rights and right to free speech of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds in Arizona.

The Frontera Fund was created using the settlement awarded to the founders of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who became household names when they themselves were stripped of their human rights by Sheriff Joe Arpaio; after being taken from their homes in the middle of the night and imprisoned the two journalists discovered they had been illegally detained for revealing the existence of a Grand Jury looking into the work of Sheriff Arpaio. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida

Human rights groups have been honored at the Oslo Freedom Forum since it was created in 2009 and the majority of human rights activists have now realized the significance of the event for raising awareness of many different human rights issues across the world.

Much like the Human Rights Foundation the Oslo Freedom Forum has maintained its independence on many different levels in a bid to make sure every aspect of its work is completed free from corporate, political, or donor influence on the direction being taken by the Human Rights Foundation.

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The Entrepreneurial Journey of Arthur Becker

As of 2012 to the year 2015, Arthur Becker was the CEO and Chairman of Zinio LLC, the world’s biggest digital newsstand. Arthur served as the CEO at NaviSite, before joining Zinio, which was then one of the companies’s quoted by NASDAQ to provide hosting services, business colocation, and internet tech services with the UK and the US as of 2000 to 2010. Navisite has offices in India, UK, and the US. The Company worked tirelessly to provide the best data hosting centre alongside some Cloud-Based App management to their enterprise clients. Before this, Arthur was in Vera Wang Fashion where he was the senior advisor for seven years till 2011.

In an article on The Real Deal, Arthur is currently Madison Partner’s managing member. Madison Partners LLC is an investment company that aims to thrive in early stages of Bio-Tech ventures as well as real estate. While working at Zinio and NaviSite, Arthur became entangled in the real estate and technology realms. Upon selling NaviSite to Time Warner in 2011, he started chasing his real estate interests, and he did this by investing in a condominium development in Florida, NY, and Miami. From a young age, Arthur was introduced to a few early stage biotechnology companies and was impressed by the constantly shifting paradigms in the field. Also, Arthur was impressed by the combining of financial opportunities and the chance to have a great impact on other people’s lives. This was what how the idea to create Madison Partners LLC was birthed.

Mr. Becker also notes that he is most productive when he is working alongside people he has respect for, be it in the fields of technology or real estate. Arthur says that he is most effective when he organizes and coordinates experts’ jobs. For instance, he is widely involved in the field of cancer treatment despite that he has no medical interest. As an entrepreneur, his biggest challenge has been to balance between his passion and drive with his critical thinking.

He has ventured into many businesses over the years and has learned through failure to avoid similar failures in future. Arthur acknowledges that his ability to evaluate and assist in management development is critical. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

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Wolfe Maintains Company Culture

Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe, has learned how quickly businesses can expand. When she first started her female first dating app, she thought going from two to three employees was big time. Now, three years later, she has thirty five employees across the world.

The Bumble app has reached over 11 million downloads and women are responding. Dating apps have received a bad reputation as being a way to hook up, but Bumble made it so that women feel at ease.

Her advice to maintain company culture is that the employees are what holds a company together. Without them, the company would not have been as successful. She also says the employees who join a company early are the ones who really believe in the vision. An upstart company does not have anything to offer their employees. Those people who join early on are ones who truly understand the mission of the company. This commitment should be appreciated and recognized.


The culture of an up and coming company is easy, but the ways to maintain that culture can be difficult. Wolfe suggests to make hiring a priority. When bring new employees on board, it is imperative that they understand the company and its values fully. Whitney Wolfe feels that many lose sight of the original employees commitment, which is why they fail. Company values must be maintained in order for the business to work. Also Wolfe recognizes the values of her employees and considers their time. Employees with children do not want to waste time at work, and she appreciates and utilizes everyone’s time fully. An employee who believes in the vision and feels the company appreciates them will maintain their dedication.

Bumble is a location based dating app, which only allows women, in heterosexual matches, to initiate contact. Same sex matches allows either party to start the conversation. However, the message disappears after 24 hours. Whitney Wolfe wanted to create a dating app where women feel empowered.

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Brad Reifler Is Now Helping Investors Fight The Money Monster

When thee film “Money Monster” came out in 2016, nobody might have guessed that one of its biggest fans was portfolio manager and longtime Wall Street advisor Brad Reifler. PR Newswire said that Brad Reifler has spent a lot of time with big name investors and fortune 1000 clients that it would be hard to imagine him agreeing with the themes in the movie, yet the Forefront Capital CEO actually outlined the truths in the film.

Reifler admitted that too many middle class hard-working Americans are left out of the real investment riches and given advice for the stock market that isn’t necessarily the best to follow. He mentioned the time has come that brokers must be held accountable and not simply make money even if client funds are losing money.

Brad Reifler said investors can beat the real money monster by keeping to three objectives. The first is to look beyond the stock market and invest in better funds, and Reifler has given people the opportunity to do just that by starting an account with his company at Forefront Income Trust. Investors can invest in this public fund starting at $1,000. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Second, Investors should make sure they invest with managers that know what they’re doing and have proven track records of gaining profits. Finally, Reifler says investors have to be committed to the long-term game and stick to their investment objectives as well as continuing to place money in their funds if they’re doing well.

Brad Reifler has been in the corporate investing world for many years, but he’s now trying to merge the corporate streets to Main Street. He was an independent futures fund manager and later a hedge fund professional at his first two companies Reifler Trading Corporation and Pali Capital. He then took the kinds of strategies he had used at those two companies and brought them to Forefront Capital.

Brad Reifler opened Forefront Income Trust because he had recalled his own experiences trying to invest money in funds he didn’t have access to due to the people invested for being unaccredited. So he decided to get the SEC to loosen regulations and open the door to non-accredited investors in his fund.

Vijay Eswaran Provides A Personal Touch In His Entrepreneurship

He is the founder of this conglomerate. It has a presence in a number of sectors. The sectors include direct selling as well as retail along with financial services. There are other sectors too. These include education as well as hospitality. Its flagship subsidiary is QNET. This group of companies was established in 1998. The company today has its offices even in the UAE.

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman. He has managed to merge the traditional methods of selling with the e-commerce business model which is so prevalent today. He has a company that has people who are experienced in direct sales. He has made use of the Internet in order to ensure its global reach. This way the company is making the best use of both the worlds.

He knows that the direct selling model is a well-tried method. He has merged this with the e-commerce platform and used it for his company called QNET.

Vijay Eswaran discussed with his partners about what they should sell so that they can be set apart from the crowd! They decided on numismatics and the precious metals model. All this was decided on the basis of the strategies in the European market which were thriving during that time.

The next step was to procure the rights, as they decided to sell the 1998 commemorative coins. These were for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. They were for Asian Pacific Rim. Vijay Eswaran was well aware that they were already quite late. They were now entering a market in which the sales had already been going on for nearly two years. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

So the time for selling as well as competing was very less for them. In fact, even the competitors were amused as they felt that this company will not be able to compete in an effective manner in this difficult market. This was when Vijay Eswaran managed to prove everyone wrong as his company managed to be at the third position among the 42 distributors in 2002, as per the sales volume.

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Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group