The Entrepreneurial Journey of Arthur Becker

As of 2012 to the year 2015, Arthur Becker was the CEO and Chairman of Zinio LLC, the world’s biggest digital newsstand. Arthur served as the CEO at NaviSite, before joining Zinio, which was then one of the companies’s quoted by NASDAQ to provide hosting services, business colocation, and internet tech services with the UK and the US as of 2000 to 2010. Navisite has offices in India, UK, and the US. The Company worked tirelessly to provide the best data hosting centre alongside some Cloud-Based App management to their enterprise clients. Before this, Arthur was in Vera Wang Fashion where he was the senior advisor for seven years till 2011.

In an article on The Real Deal, Arthur is currently Madison Partner’s managing member. Madison Partners LLC is an investment company that aims to thrive in early stages of Bio-Tech ventures as well as real estate. While working at Zinio and NaviSite, Arthur became entangled in the real estate and technology realms. Upon selling NaviSite to Time Warner in 2011, he started chasing his real estate interests, and he did this by investing in a condominium development in Florida, NY, and Miami. From a young age, Arthur was introduced to a few early stage biotechnology companies and was impressed by the constantly shifting paradigms in the field. Also, Arthur was impressed by the combining of financial opportunities and the chance to have a great impact on other people’s lives. This was what how the idea to create Madison Partners LLC was birthed.

Mr. Becker also notes that he is most productive when he is working alongside people he has respect for, be it in the fields of technology or real estate. Arthur says that he is most effective when he organizes and coordinates experts’ jobs. For instance, he is widely involved in the field of cancer treatment despite that he has no medical interest. As an entrepreneur, his biggest challenge has been to balance between his passion and drive with his critical thinking.

He has ventured into many businesses over the years and has learned through failure to avoid similar failures in future. Arthur acknowledges that his ability to evaluate and assist in management development is critical. More details can be found on Bloomberg.

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Wolfe Maintains Company Culture

Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe, has learned how quickly businesses can expand. When she first started her female first dating app, she thought going from two to three employees was big time. Now, three years later, she has thirty five employees across the world.

The Bumble app has reached over 11 million downloads and women are responding. Dating apps have received a bad reputation as being a way to hook up, but Bumble made it so that women feel at ease.

Her advice to maintain company culture is that the employees are what holds a company together. Without them, the company would not have been as successful. She also says the employees who join a company early are the ones who really believe in the vision. An upstart company does not have anything to offer their employees. Those people who join early on are ones who truly understand the mission of the company. This commitment should be appreciated and recognized.


The culture of an up and coming company is easy, but the ways to maintain that culture can be difficult. Wolfe suggests to make hiring a priority. When bring new employees on board, it is imperative that they understand the company and its values fully. Whitney Wolfe feels that many lose sight of the original employees commitment, which is why they fail. Company values must be maintained in order for the business to work. Also Wolfe recognizes the values of her employees and considers their time. Employees with children do not want to waste time at work, and she appreciates and utilizes everyone’s time fully. An employee who believes in the vision and feels the company appreciates them will maintain their dedication.

Bumble is a location based dating app, which only allows women, in heterosexual matches, to initiate contact. Same sex matches allows either party to start the conversation. However, the message disappears after 24 hours. Whitney Wolfe wanted to create a dating app where women feel empowered.

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Brad Reifler Is Now Helping Investors Fight The Money Monster

When thee film “Money Monster” came out in 2016, nobody might have guessed that one of its biggest fans was portfolio manager and longtime Wall Street advisor Brad Reifler. PR Newswire said that Brad Reifler has spent a lot of time with big name investors and fortune 1000 clients that it would be hard to imagine him agreeing with the themes in the movie, yet the Forefront Capital CEO actually outlined the truths in the film.

Reifler admitted that too many middle class hard-working Americans are left out of the real investment riches and given advice for the stock market that isn’t necessarily the best to follow. He mentioned the time has come that brokers must be held accountable and not simply make money even if client funds are losing money.

Brad Reifler said investors can beat the real money monster by keeping to three objectives. The first is to look beyond the stock market and invest in better funds, and Reifler has given people the opportunity to do just that by starting an account with his company at Forefront Income Trust. Investors can invest in this public fund starting at $1,000. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Second, Investors should make sure they invest with managers that know what they’re doing and have proven track records of gaining profits. Finally, Reifler says investors have to be committed to the long-term game and stick to their investment objectives as well as continuing to place money in their funds if they’re doing well.

Brad Reifler has been in the corporate investing world for many years, but he’s now trying to merge the corporate streets to Main Street. He was an independent futures fund manager and later a hedge fund professional at his first two companies Reifler Trading Corporation and Pali Capital. He then took the kinds of strategies he had used at those two companies and brought them to Forefront Capital.

Brad Reifler opened Forefront Income Trust because he had recalled his own experiences trying to invest money in funds he didn’t have access to due to the people invested for being unaccredited. So he decided to get the SEC to loosen regulations and open the door to non-accredited investors in his fund.

Vijay Eswaran Provides A Personal Touch In His Entrepreneurship

He is the founder of this conglomerate. It has a presence in a number of sectors. The sectors include direct selling as well as retail along with financial services. There are other sectors too. These include education as well as hospitality. Its flagship subsidiary is QNET. This group of companies was established in 1998. The company today has its offices even in the UAE.

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman. He has managed to merge the traditional methods of selling with the e-commerce business model which is so prevalent today. He has a company that has people who are experienced in direct sales. He has made use of the Internet in order to ensure its global reach. This way the company is making the best use of both the worlds.

He knows that the direct selling model is a well-tried method. He has merged this with the e-commerce platform and used it for his company called QNET.

Vijay Eswaran discussed with his partners about what they should sell so that they can be set apart from the crowd! They decided on numismatics and the precious metals model. All this was decided on the basis of the strategies in the European market which were thriving during that time.

The next step was to procure the rights, as they decided to sell the 1998 commemorative coins. These were for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. They were for Asian Pacific Rim. Vijay Eswaran was well aware that they were already quite late. They were now entering a market in which the sales had already been going on for nearly two years. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

So the time for selling as well as competing was very less for them. In fact, even the competitors were amused as they felt that this company will not be able to compete in an effective manner in this difficult market. This was when Vijay Eswaran managed to prove everyone wrong as his company managed to be at the third position among the 42 distributors in 2002, as per the sales volume.

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Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

Fast Company brings EOS Lip Balm to the Light

Lip balms are one of the essentials in the makeup and fashion industry. For women, they can be an important part of their makeup regimen. EOS is a makeup brand that offers a variety of lip balms for women. EOS was founded by Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky and later joined by Sanjiv Mehra, co-founder and managing partner. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. They came up with the company because they wanted to offer a new type of lip balm that wasn’t just the typical unisex lip balm. EOS soon began to hit stores everywhere. They were all over the beauty and fashion magazines. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian also were seen rocking the lip balm.

The founders of EOS never talked about their business strategy until now. They decided to have a sit down with Fast Company and discuss their vision they had many years ago. They felt that their customers needed to know more about them and how everything started and why. EOS lip balm wanted to draw interest to the women more so because they had a huge need for a great lip balm.

The EOS lip balm comes in different looks, tastes, and designs, not to mention the quality. They bring character to a woman to highlight her natural features. Their goal was to create an emotional connection with their targeted buyers. Something that was important when EOS came on the scene was that they did not want to step over any of the products that were already on the market. They feared by doing that, it would cause their product to be popular one day and then be over the next.

The EOS lip balms are making an impact, currently; selling over 1 million units a week. They are sure to have a promising future!

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Securus Technologies – Alleviating Stress From The Lives Of Prisoners Through Inmate Communications Technology

Securus Technologies is a firm that has helped modernize the incarceration experience for the prisoners, and how. In the past decade, the company has innovated, developed and launched a series of products and services that have made it easier for the prisoners to keep in touch with their friends and relatives. It is one of the biggest concerns of the inmates after they are convicted as to how they would know what is going on with their families and friends back home. However, the technology offered by Securus would now make it possible or the inmates and their relatives to stay in contact always.



Securus Technology also offers a bouquet of services that has helped with reducing the crime rate and make effective crime prevention technology that keeps criminals in check. In a recent move, the company released a press release in which showcased what the law enforcement officials feel about the company and its services.



The law enforcement personnel are full of praise for the company and its services, and how it is helping them with keeping the communities safer and catching the culprit with ease. Securus Technologies also extended the invitation to the customers and investors to its technology center situated in Dallas, Texas. The company has made rapid advancement in the technology it offers and wants to showcase it to the company’s customers and investors, both existing and potential.



I have worked with the law enforcement and investigative agencies for over a decade, and feel that while there are many other companies active in the correctional sphere, Securus Technologies leads from the front. It is because the company offers the right combination of technology and customer care, and ensures that the customers can get the answers they need when they need it. The crime prevention services of the company, including the LBS service, is my personal favorite.




Copa Star: Best Hospital in the World

Many people believe that hospitals are the most nauseating and feared places. Whenever people visit the hospital for help, they are welcomed by the strong smell of antiseptic that always irritates them. These smells have ruined the prospects of many individuals who want to stay positive when searching for a hospital. Many patients do not believe that they can walk into a medical facility that has a picturesque scene and pure art on the walls. Many do not imagine that they can visit a hospital and meet the smell of delicious food cooking at one of the floors, just like in five-star hotels. If this is the kind of medical facility you want, Copa Star is here to meet your demands.

Copa Star is found in Brazil, and it is known for its luxury. The medical center has all the features needed by clients in the country. Patients can enjoy the hotel experience whenever they visit the hospital, regardless of the time. The state of the art facility is believed to be operated by the most experienced and trained medical experts in the industry. The lighting in the hospital cannot be found elsewhere. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

The food in this hospital is out of this world. Whenever patients are admitted in medical facilities, they think about the gross lumps of food that they will be served during meal times. However, this is not the case at Copa Star. Patients are given an opportunity to enjoy cuisines when they are getting their treatment at the facility. The clients can also view the beach and different paintings. These unique features sooth the mind of the patients as they get treatment, and this promotes a speedy recovery. The spacious rooms to lounge in also attract a large clientele.

When visiting Hospital Copa Star, you will find Japanese paintings that have been created by a prominent artist. These special arts will keep clients going and at the same time help to keep the patient calm. They will not have to feel like they are in a scary place. These patients will think that they are in a healing home, museum, paradise and five-star hotel at the same time. The facility is built on the waterfront that is next to the famous Copacabana beach. The beach is believed to have one of the most beautiful scenes in the world.

The fragrance of good and delicious healthy food will waft up your nose when you enter the facility. This food masks the smell of antiseptic, and the patient will feel welcomed. The healthy food is prepared by professional and experienced chefs. These chefs have been in the industry for a long time, and they understand the art of food. The professionals will prepare your food in the healthiest and most delicious food.

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Report on the Economic Consequences of the United Kingdom Leaving the EU

Immediately after the Brexit vote in June 2016, the stock markets were the first to suffer. The stock markets fell by over 12% across Europe. The sterling pound underwent a major devaluation and reached its lowest ever value from 1985. According to Flavio Maluf, financial experts are concerned that Brexit will bring about lasting impacts on the international economy.

1. Effects on the British Economy

In 2014, UK contributed more to the union by spending € 11.3 billion against the € 6.9 billion it received. This fuelled the desire to exit as UK’s continued existence in the EU increased the country’s inflationary pressure. Flavio Maluf agrees with Paulo Figueiredo, FN Capital’s director of operations who stated that the isolation would occasion a notable drop in the investments received by the UK. The expected halt to the free movement of people and goods will bear negative results on

2. Effect on the International Trade in Europe and UK

European Union members trade freely with other member countries. Following the exit, UK will have to deal with new rates not present before; a move that Maluf believes will affect the country’s foreign trade with the European Union. However, Otto Nogami, a specialist on, believes that the exit will benefit Britain as it can sign bilateral agreements unlike in the past.

3. Consequences on Brazilian Exports and Imports

The UK exit will favor Brazil, as it will be able to sign bilateral agreements that will not be negotiated on EU standards’ basis.

4. Impact on the EU

Britain’s exit from the EU at will mean a great loss to the union as many of its structures are established in countries like the UK, France and Germany.

About Eucatex

Eucatex focuses on producing and marketing of insulation and linings from wood fibers and eucalyptus. It began its operations in 1954 in the area of Salto. It has seen its business evolve rapidly and presently, it supplies large constructions, furniture manufacturers, packaging, automobile and toy industries.

About Flavio Maluf

Maluf has been the CEO of Eucatex from April 29, 2005. He is the chairman of the board of executive officers at Eucatex. He previously worked for Citibank N.A., New York and Sistema S.A. He holds a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from FAAP (Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado).

Focus on the Leisure Offered at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping

Manaira Shopping, owned by Roberto Santiago, is the biggest shopping mall built in Joao Pessoa. It has left nothing to chance in its efforts to strengthen its bond with customers. Manaira Shopping followed the already tested concept of offering customers with a wide variety of fun, leisure as well as comfort. All these aspects together with the great hospitality, rich cuisine, unparalled sunset and breathtaking beaches make this part of the city irresistible to all visitors and locals.

Fun and Entertainment

If there are two notable aspects that contribute to the high recognizance of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall, it is the entertainment and fun it has on offer. The mall has facilities suitable to all families seeking joy, clam and comfort when visiting the city. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping has ballrooms, movie theaters, bowling alleys and an electronic amusement park (measuring about 1800 square meters and with over 200 machines). The cinema features 11 rooms that are all equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure. There are 3D amenities, a hall that is build using a stadium concept. The mall’s theater has a bar, snacks and soft drinks. Fitness enthusiasts will be delighted with the gyms available in the mall. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho

Awesome Gourmet Space

An awesome gourmet space is available at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. It offers the kind of environment that cannot be found anywhere else, for customers and ther families to enjoy their precious time fully. There is a steak house that specializes in serving only the most delicious meals and a food court to fully satisfy all customers’ cravings.

Domus Hall

At the rooftop, there is a hall, the Domus Hall, which has been in existence for about seven years. It is the largest concert hall in the whole of Joao Pessoa. It is well air conditioned, soundproofed and fitted with the very best sound equipment. The Domus Hall has a capacity of ten thousand standing people and a four thousand seated group. It is a great place for holding concerts but it can also be used for presentations, stand-ups, weddings, private events and graduations.

About Roberto Santiago

Mr. Santiago is a Brazilian entrepreneur who is the proprietor of the Manaira Shopping mall in Joao Pessoa. He is also the owner of another contemporary shopping center, the Mangeira Shopping mall. His career started off at Café Santa Rosa before he ventured into starting his own cartonage company. He is a shrewd businessman with a promising career ahead of him. He loves sports with a passion and has collected a number of accolades in kart and motocross championships. Learn more

Life Line Screening Helps People Identify Potential Health Problems

Life Line Screening is a company that performs a health screening for people to give possible results that may alert them to chronic health issues that they might have. Any results from Life Line Screening are designed to be shared by the individual’s physician.

There are three different types of screening tests that are given by Life Line Screening. One is an ultrasound screening test that allows a visual depiction of the organs at the site of the test. This can give medical personnel a look at what is going on inside the body of a person in real time. Ultrasound is a painless, non-invasive way to learn in real-time how organs look and act.

A blood test is another type of test that is given by a small pin prick in the fatty portion of a person’s finger. The droplet of blood that is derived from the test can be turned into a full and complete blood panel that shows cholesterol readings such as total cholesterol, and the levels of the high-level cholesterol and the low cholesterol. It can also indicate glucose levels, high sensitivity CC-reactive proteins which can be an indicator of cardiovascular disease. Elevated liver enzymes can also be detected.

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A limited electrocardiograph or an EKG is the third test that can be given. This can detect atrial fibrillation or “A-fib” which is an irregular heartbeat. This condition is prone to cause many small clots as the blood is not sent out of the heart on a regular basis.

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Life Line Screening is typically performed in a business setting with employees arranging meeting times by their work schedules. A company screening can help management to identify the board health issues that can be addressed by company sponsored programs designed to help employees in diet and exercise, along with other measures in this particular area. Companies can install a gym or workout facilities and offer special dieting measures for employees.

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