Freedom Checks: The Many Reasons To Invest In MLPs

Matt Badiali shocked the world after explaining what Freedom Checks were. Master Limited Partnerships are the companies that have been paying these checks out since 1987. However, MLPs have been ignored by most investors because many don’t understand how the tax code benefits both these companies and their shareholders. MLPs are natural resource companies that transport or produce the resources domestically. These companies get generous tax treatment from the government if they earn their revenue here in the United States and pay Freedom Checks to their shareholders at least every three months.

MLPs can be some rather profitable investments. It is estimated that MLPs are going to be issuing a total of over $30 billion in Freedom Checks this year. Matt Badiali believes that MLPs will be paying out considerably higher payments in the future for several reasons. The United States is now a major oil producing country, thanks to using fracking technology. The Middle East is exporting much less oil to the United States than it did in the past. Mr. Badiali feels this will continue, as it is part of the United States’ goal to become energy independent. If the fracking boom continues, MLPs are going to be raking in even more profits, which will mean they will pay more money in the next few years.

Many people were rather confused at watching the ad Matt Badiali created where he tried to explain the benefits of Freedom Checks. A lot of individuals felt that this was a government-sponsored program that involved age restrictions, as well as income and wealth limitations. This is not the case because Freedom Checks are really just an investment. It involves buying shares in an MLP, and the distributions are the returns paid to the shareholders. There are individuals who are going to be receiving payments that far exceed any government benefits check. Those who may not have too much money will be happy to know that they can still participate in this investment strategy with as starting capital of $10. MLPs carry the same risks as typical stocks, but their returns can outperform them.

David McDonald’s Philanthropic Initiatives in Iowa State

The first and a natural push every human being possesses is to be successful in life and have an imagine lifestyle of comfort. Well, this motivates to give your best foot forward on ideally anything you purpose to do. David McDonald is one of the few people who has been able to reach a somewhat ideal life for many. He has the education, a reputable career and amassed wealth as a result thereof. Nevertheless, he has been continuously teaching us that that is not all there is to life. His primary goal is to change the lives of the people for the better.

Following his passionate desire to improve the living standards of people among other cause, he has been actively involved in many philanthropic deeds in Iowa State. This is close because he has been born and raised up here which makes him familiar with the challenges people experience.

David McDonald runs a program dubbed, Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative which was launched in 2009. He has been teaching people and more so the Students on the best and efficient farming methods for both plants and animals. In 2011, he paid air tickets and another complimentary cost for a group of students who flew to China – OSI Facility to learn more on how technology is being used to maximize utility. Through Alpha Gamma Rho, David McDonald has been in support of quality education for all especially those you pass well but are disadvantaged in one way or the other. To know more about him click here.

About David McDonald

David McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Group, a global food processor based in Aurora, United States. He joined the group as a project manager in one of OSI Industries and has grown to become one of the company executives. Elsewhere, he has worked at Marfrig Global Foods as a Director.

He has also been affiliated with the Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center, the American Meat Institute as the Chairman of Board of Directors, St. Michael Parish and the naming of Marvin J. Walter. In the year 2004, he was honored with ISU Alumni Association Young Alumni Awards for establishing the association for alumni in his alma mater.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade and His Work with CAOA

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the current chairman as well as founder of CAOA, which is a vehicle assembly and distribution agency. Despite being trained as a medical doctor, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade later went on to become a business executive because he had a passion for becoming an entrepreneur for more than 40 years. After leaving the medical field, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade started his career in the automotive industry in 1979. After purchasing a Ford Landau at a dealership that was never delivered to him due to the company filing bankruptcy, he proposed a deal to the executives. This involved selling him the rights to the dealership in compensation for the lost vehicle. From there, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade began to realize his passion for automotive work.

In six years, CAOA has become the largest Ford dealership in Latin America and continues to provide high-quality vehicles to those looking for safe and reliable cars for their families. In 1998, the company become the official importer for Subaru. Over the following years, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s company also represented Hyundai and began to sell the vehicles to those looking for a cost-effective option for their family’s driving needs. CAOA then put money into investing and marketing, which resulted in an incredible increase in car sales throughout the Brazilian market.

The CAOA factory is now fully automated and produces thousands of car parts each and every day. The highest standards of quality are met due to Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade being incredibly particular with how the facility is run. CAOA also employs a range of people who work on the vehicle manufacturing process, so it has been a great addition to the area as far as potential jobs and employment are concerned. In 2017, CAOA joined Chery, which is the largest exporter currently for Chinese-made vehicles. The joining of these two companies has allowed the agency to become the first of its kind. Despite four decades of extensive growth and work, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade still makes sure that everything is going according to plan and is head of the organization.

Ted Bauman Gives Insights to Investors on How They can Protect Their Investments

Ted Bauman is an accomplished investment advisor and author. Bauman is committed to helping ordinary Americans gain financial independence. Bauman spent his childhood in the US but later relocated to South Africa where he continued with his education and began his career. Bauman is an alma mater of the University of Cape Town. Bauman worked in South Africa for over two decades and after that relocated back to the US. In 2013 he joined Banyan Publishing where he authors an investment newsletter going by the name Bauman’s Letter.

In one of his letters, Ted Bauman gives insights to investors on how they can protect their investments. According to Bauman, one sure way through which an investor can lose all his investments is by avoiding creating a protective investment plan. There is no sure way through which one can a hundred percent protect his or her investment however with good common sense strategy an individual can be able to protect an investment portfolio. Bauman is a firm believer of the gains that can be achieved through asset protection. According to Ted Bauman low-risk investment strategy is one sure way of guarding your investment. Investors should not be in a rush of getting huge gains in a short time but should instead create a defensive mechanism that will eventually win. According to Bauman, the lucky investors do make immense overnight profits from risky ventures however most of the time risky ventures lead to massive losses. Successful investors do take their time and make long-term low-risk investments that in the end earn them substantial profits.

The other way through which investors can protect their wealth according to Ted Bauman is by investing in bonds. Many investors have no idea what bonds, dividends or bonds markets are and as a result, they do not invest in them. Bonds going by history are known to be very safe as compared to stocks. Investors who make Bond investments rely on dividends as their returns as opposed to waiting for stock market gains or losses. Investors can make huge profits investing in stocks that offer attractive bonuses. However, bonds are less risky as compared to stocks. According to Bauman, it is uncommon for bonds to drop by 50 percent or more overnight but it is quite common when it comes to stocks.

Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets, Mothers Trust

At Hyland’s, we ensure that all your health needs are satisfied. With a well deep history and broad experience in the diverse health field, our expertise gives you the best to ensure your expectations are met. At Hyland’s, we trust that history is a living thing in our hearts, in our words and our daily actions. Our knowledge is unquestioned as we have been investing many resources in researches to ensure we move with time. Our services are unmatched as our qualified team utilizes the highest level of standards, using natural active ingredients to produce natural, safe and gentle products free from chemicals and additives.


We have a wide range of products which have gained trust from the majority of the mothers. Some of our best products include: Hyland’s Leg Cramps, Hyland’s Baby Tiny Cold Tablets Day & Nighttime Value Pack and Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets


Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets

Teething in children is a critical process to them. It is believed that during early age children uses their teething to learn and explore the world. Therefore, a smooth teething process will give your child peace and comfort. Although, at times children may suffer from mouth discomfort including teething, gum pain, and irritation.

Hyland’s has the solution to all these problems to give your child a comfort growth and smooth teething process with the new Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets. These tablets are small in size, soft and dissolve quickly in the mouth hence fit for your child. Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets are used to temporarily relieve symptoms of gum sensitivity, swelling of gums, and teething discomfort. These Hyland’s Teething Tablets can help ease these issues.


The direction for use differs with the age of the child; therefore, the caregiver should consult the doctor before use. To children below six months of age should be given 1 tablet after 15 minutes for 4 doses then hourly until relieved. Children between the ages of 6 months to 3 years should be given two tablets instead of one but time duration applies the same. If symptoms persist, contact our medical professional anytime any day through (800)624-9659.

Shervin Pishevar Hurls Tweets Like Thunderbolts

Like Zeus hurling thunderbolts down from Mt. Olympus, super angel investor Shervin Pishevar recently spent 21 wild hours blasting out Tweets into the Twitterverse and many people trembled.

That’s because Mr. Pishevar unloaded on some of the biggest names in corporate high-tech. He took on Silicon Valley, leveled his shattering opinions on the likes of the stock market, Bitcoin and even the fundamentals of the American economy itself.

Shervin Pishevar has been one of the biggest names in investment in the high-tech sector during the past two decades. He started at age 23 when he developed WebOS, a groundbreaking company that was almost solely responsible for bringing on the age of cloud computing.

It would take a small book to list all of the successful projects Shervin Pishevar has backed and companies he has created or co-created. He invested in Airbnb, Uber, Uber Series-B and Munchery to name just a few. He was also the founder of Hyperloop One and co-founder of Sherpa Capital.

Because Shervin Pishevar is recognized around the world for his enormous contributions to cutting-edge company concept development, his Tweets take on the prowess of a virtual god. So what are some of the things he had to say in his recent thunderous Tweetstorm?

Well, Mr. Pishevar said that the stock market is wildly overvalued and a huge correction could take place soon. He opined that a plunge of some 6,000 points is possible.

He also mused that government regulators should consider breaking up giants like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and others. They’re just to large and powerful, Shervin Pishevar Tweeted.

Something else that is due to come down to size is Bitcoin, Shervin Pishevar said. It too is overvalued. He expects market forces to trim the cryptocurrency way down to a value of $2,000 to $5,000. It may stabilize at that level, however.

How Made It To the Top with Richard Liu Qiangdong

An Interview with Richard Liu Qiangdong

Recently, did an interview with Richard Liu Qiangdong. Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the richest men in China. Liu Qiangdong is the creator of the is the largest e-commerce platform in China. In the interview, Liu Qiangdong spoke about how he got the idea to start Liu Qiangdong always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When he was still in college, he decided to invest in a restaurant. Unfortunately, that restaurant did not have good results. Within just a few months, the restaurant failed. After the failure of the restaurant, Liu Qiangdong began to work for a Japanese company. He enjoyed the experience that he got, and he was able to rise to the top of the company. Liu Qiangdong knew that he did not want to spend his life as an employee, so he quit the job and begin to create his own company. Liu Qiangdong was able to open up about 12 stores selling optical products, and his business met with great success.

How Came About

Richard Liu Qiangdong got the idea to open up an online platform after a SARS outbreak hit the country. He knew that it would be putting the health of his employees and his clients at risk if he were to continue to use the stores. Liu Qiangdong did not know how successful the online platform would be, but within just a few years, he was able to close all of his brick and mortar stores and sell all of his products on that platform.

Why Is Successful

Richard Liu Qiangdong has been able to set up different warehouses all around China. now sells just about anything that an individual could want. Apart from its large variety of items, is able to reach almost 100% of the country with its delivery service. promises its customers speedy deliveries, and this company is always prompt. is on its way to becoming the largest e-commerce platform in the world.

Chris Burch has found the nexus between innovation and implementation

Nihi Sumba is an island which is beautified by the rich culture of the Sumbanese people. In early years it was known as Nihiwatu or the mortal stone. The earlier visitors to the island found it necessary to build a resort in the area. This would help celebrate the rich heritage of the people of Sumba. Chris Burch identified the market gap and decided to expand the business. Chris Burch looked for James Mcbride, and together they partnered and chose to develop the resort. Ever since that partnership, they have become the best hotel entrepreneurs in the world. Multiple brands have grown because of Chris Burch. He is the CEO of Burch Creative Company.


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Due to his passion for investment and entrepreneurship, he has expanded many businesses, important source on By opening Nihi Sumba resort he has made the people of Sumba united and helped they live in harmony. They have also gotten job opportunities from the hotel. They help tour tourists around while giving them fascinating stories about their unique culture. They also get a perfect chance to showcase their way of life and perform their dances to the tourists. Nihi Sumba has earned many awards including the most prestigious award. It has appeared in many magazines too as the best hotel with excellent customer services. It has become a home of many tourists who want to visit the Island. Recently, Chris Burch has also appeared in the celebrated Forbes Magazine as one of the wealthiest entrepreneur and hotelier not to forget his innovation and creative skills in the business world check


Jason Hope’s Revolutionary Work In The Society

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and investor who have his roots buried in technology. He is also a philanthropist and never forgets to give back to the community.

Jason was born and raised in Arizona. When he was old enough he enrolled at Arizona State University where he graduated with a finance degree. He furthered his studies at the same university graduating with an MBA. Other than technology and philanthropy, Jason is also involved in politics.

One of the organizations that have caught Jason Hope’s eye is in the SENS foundation which deals with anti-aging. The idea is to provide a means of having a young, long and better life forever. The main focus of the foundation is to find diseases that break down the human body leading to a faster aging process. Some of these diseases are Alzheimer’s, heart and lung diseases. Unlike the present medicine which stops the progression of the disease after it has already happened, the SENS foundation wants to eradicate these diseases. Jason Hope supports this project as it is out of the box, not afraid to challenge the everyday belief of people.

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For the last few years, the dream of having a world where all our devices and electronics were interconnected has been at a far reach but the moment is now just about to come true. According to Jason Hope, this will be done with devices and electronics that are already in the market or those that will be released in the next few years. Every first week of the year a convention is held, the International CES. Intel always has a large booth at international CES in 2014; the company has made over $2 billion in revenue due to the IoT showing that it has the first sit in the IoT technology.

During the CES Intel had sensors, wireless radios among other devices for sale that enabled connection with IoT devices and use by third parties. The most exciting device that Intel presented that day was a curie module. It is a sensing and processing device smaller than a shirt button. Originally the ideas behind IoT technology were to connect home appliances such as a dishwasher to mobile internet connected devices. This has upgraded over time to come up with wearable devices as it will have a larger market pool.

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Todd Levine: An Outstanding Litigator

Todd Levine is renowned for his prowess in his profession. What is fascinating about him is his unmatched abilities, competence, and experience. Apart from holding a degree in Law, Todd also has a wealth of skills, which he equally credits for his significant milestones. Todd Levine confesses that his passion for art, music, science, and mathematics greatly influences his performance in the courtroom.


Todd Levine recalls an instance where, in mediation, the mediator dropped a bombshell by presenting documents that he had not seen before. They had enough evidence to hurt his case, but that never happened. Todd perused through the papers, and at the spur of the moment, he had identified a loophole that would help him win his case. Undeniably, Levine is intelligent and has a keen eye to details.


Todd Levine’s Journey And Accomplishments


Anything that has an enduring value calls for dedication. Understanding this universal maxim very well, Todd Levine joined hands with the like-minded attorneys, and together they founded Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine Law firm in 2009. The crew had formerly worked together in a different firm, but they decided to pursue a shared vision, which was to grow their careers.


Todd is recognized for success in cases like the one that he represented Edie Laquer’s, a celebrated real estate broker. In a lawsuit against Africa Israel Properties for failure to pay commission on a sale agreement, Laquer Corporate Realty Group Inc. received $3.4 million after the judgment. Yet again, Todd Levine represented the same firm in 2012 during a case against Siffin and Maefield Holdings concerning a loan to the accused. Developer Siffin ended up paying $905,771 to the brokerage firm.


Giving Credit Where it is Due


Levine appreciates his partners for a properly-knit relationship, which has fostered their great success. They are passionate about nurturing talent through mentorship of younger attorneys. Precisely, their objective is to raise a generation of attorneys who will have a great ability to solve legal problems.