Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Sussex Healthcare is located in the United Kingdom and has expanded its operations to twenty homes which focus on assisting the elderly in society. This senior living home is an award-winning company whose services remain distinct from competitors.

Sussex healthcare places focus on quality delivery to old people and are not biased since it serves even those suffering from mental illnesses. The company recently celebrated its 25yrs of existence and success of its facilities.

The article highlights the success of the senior living home that has over the years adapted to an expansion and diversification strategy. Since its inception in 1985, the company has specialized its services to address various health issues among the elderly such as dementia.

Its services are not only limited to senior citizens since it serves anyone suffering from neurological issues. Sussex Healthcare attributes its success to the trained caregivers whose input ensures that clients feel well taken care of at the homes.

Leadership further contributes to the achievements over the year. Shiraz Boghani, Shafik Sachedina, and Amanda Morgan Taylor lie at the realm of Sussex Healthcare leadership. Their backgrounds in entrepreneurship, hospitality, healthcare, and philanthropy work cohesively towards the attainment of the company objectives and ultimate growth.

Decisions which affect Sussex Healthcare are made by an existing board led by top professionals such as Corrine Wallace, Nick Bosanquet, and Peter Catchpole. This allows for different perspectives on the growth of the senior living home and ensures that the company objectives are met. Furthermore, Sussex Healthcare provides various incentives to its staff members by contributing to personal growth and career development.

In its celebration, the company highlights the various services it offers to the community. This includes physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing and social aspects which differentiate the Senior Living Home. The facilities at Sussex healthcare incorporate modern technology for maximum comfort to clients. Nutrition and diet are considered to be important for holistic wellbeing hence it offers the same.

Its famous residential homes which include Horncastle House, Kingsmead Care Centre, Clemsfold Treehouse and Educare among others offer senior citizens treatment services in a homely environment. Some of the specialized services include Palliative and PMLD care, Dental Practices, and audiology services. In its celebration, Sussex Healthcare promises to continue in the delivery of quality services.